Top Chinese Restaurants In Klang Valley

When people think about Chinese restaurants or food, what comes to mind is the course after course of Chinese food served during a wedding dinner or everyone’s favourite – Hot Pot! 

Well, there’s more!

These 13 top Chinese restaurants in Klang Valley are ready to show you the other side of Chinese food.


Images via @dabaomy/Instagram

Judging from the brilliant wordplay of their restaurant, you can expect tons of fun here at DA BAO !

Their bestseller – Pork Bao, is well-known for their thick and succulent braised pork belly. To enhance the overall taste with the mouthful of goodness, they’ve garnished the Pork Bao with a handful of peanuts and pork lards.

With both the juicy meat and the extra crunch from the peanuts, you’re getting the best of both worlds in one bite!

Images via @dabaomalaysia/Facebook, @dabaomy/Instagram

Aside from the authentic version of pork belly stuffed inside the soft steamed buns, they’ve also added a modern twist onto their Bao menu!

Here are some Bao recommendations:

  • Fish Bao
  • Soft Shell Crab Bao
  • Wagyu Beef Bao

View the Da Bao menu and order now:

2. Tang Jia Roast 唐家烧腊

Images via @tangjia/Facebook

You know they’re serious about their food if they launched a website for their menus.

Tang Jia Roast is a Malaysian Chinese Restaurant that specialises in roasted meat. Their aim is to serve roasted food to good people in the neighbourhood.

Roasted pork, roasted chicken, roasted duck… You name it, they have it!

Images via @tangjia/Facebook

It does not stop there!

Their Asam Mustard and Spicy Peanut Braised Chicken Feet are also a crowd favourite!

View the Tang Jia Roast  menu and order now:

3. Sisterhood Frozen Canteen 妹妹之冷冻食堂

Images via @sisterhoodhomecanteen/Facebook

Craving some good home-cooked Hakka Chinese food but have no time to prep? Look here!

Sisterhood Frozen Canteen is one of the few Chinese Restaurants in Klang Valley that sells both cooked and frozen food.

These are some dishes to try:

  • Hakka Yellow Wine Chicken
  • Vinegar Pork Trotter Set
  • Braised Pork Belly with Yam
Images via @sisterhoodhomecanteen/Facebook

Who can say no to a good bowl of dessert? Get their Peach Gum Jelly Milk with your order! Not only does it have beautifying purposes, but it also helps with relieving stress too!

View the Sisterhood Frozen Canteen 妹妹之冷冻食堂 menu and order now:

4. Treasure Oasis Vegetarian 意素轩

Images via @treasure_oasis/Instagram

Treasure Oasis Vegetarian is definitely the restaurant to go for if you’re trying out vegetarian for the first time! Their selection of food is endless!

They have two main categories of food – Chinese and Local.

If you’re still experimenting, get their Nasi Lemak and Sweet and Sour Vegetable Meat. If you want something fancy, don’t miss out on the Yam Basket With Lotus Root and Macadamia Nuts.

Images via @treasure_oasis/Instagram

Save your diet for another day! These Chinese desserts are worth the calories:

  • Lotus Paste Pancakes
  • Peanut Glutinous Rice Balls
  • Mochi Rice Cake (Peanut/Lotus Paste)

View the Treasure Oasis Vegetarian 意素轩 menu and order now:  

5. Chong Qing Grilled Fish

Image via

Chong Qing is a city in Southwest China that takes chillis very seriously.

We hope you’re ready for a sweat sesh with Chong Qing Grilled Fish!

There’s up to 6 flavours for you to choose from for their signature grilled fish, ranging from Spicy Numbing, Pickled Cabbage, Fermented Black Bean and many more!

Regardless of the flavours you’ve chosen, you can control the level of spiciness. If you’re up for a challenge, go with the extreme level!

Images via

To ensure the temperature of their grilled fish is on point when delivered, they’ve prepared a DIY warmer kit with fuel when you order in from Beep.

They have dry pot dishes on their menu too. There’s just too many to list lah, check them out yourself!

View the Chong Qing Grilled Fish menu and order now:

6. Wok It

Images via

If you’re a fan of American TV shows, the way Wok It serves their food is no stranger to you!

This is not your normal stir fried items you get from any Chinese Restaurants. Here at Wok It, you get to customise your own fiery wok dishes!

Try these Wok It Box Meals:

  • Green Curry
  • Kam Heong
  • Mango Sweeet Chilli
Images via

Besides the main courses, get these snacks to munch on with your family:

  • Mantou Salted Egg
  • Coca Cola Wings
  • Crispy Corn

View the Wok It menu and order now:

7. Sichuan Cuisine  川香阁


Similar to Chong Qing, Sichuan is also a province in China that focuses on the pungency and spiciness of their food.

From their bestsellers such as Mountain Chilli Stir-fried Beef, Sichuan Roasted Fish and Mala Mouth Watery Chicken, you know they don’t go easy on you.

The hot pepper chillis will really pack a punch!


Additionally, if you’ve never try Chinese cold dishes, we recommend these:

  • Pickled Small Fungus
  • Pickled Cucumber
  • Mala Jelly

View the Sichuan Cuisine 川香阁 menu and order now:

8. Little Bing 小四炳

Images via @LittleBing/Website

Little Bing is one of the Chinese restaurants in Klang Valley that serves authentic Teochew dishes.

If you’re raised in an Asian family, you’re used to having more than 2 dishes for lunch and dinner.

This Chinese restaurant serves a wide range of specialities. For protein, you can choose from Sesame Banana Prawn to Claypot beancurd. For fibre, they offer green bean, water spinach and petai.

Images via @LittleBing/Website

To save you the hassle of thinking ‘what to order’, Little Bing has prepared some set deals for you! If you’re a family of 4, order their Super Value Set E.

The Super Value Set E consists of:

  • Red Snapper Fish
  • Braised Pork Belly
  • Black Bean Fish with Yao Mak
  • Enoki Mushroom with Tofu

Curious about the other sets? Well, you know where to find their menu.

View the Little Bing 小四炳 menu and order now:

9. Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant

Image via @lalachongsunwayseafood/Facebook

If you’re a seafood lover, then you should know Lala Chong Seafood!

Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant is famous for their huge and fresh crabs! For the all-time-favourite Sweet and Sour Crab, it can never go wrong when you have it with their fried bun.

Images via @lalachongsunwayseafood/Facebook

Besides crabs, Lala Chong Seafood serves their cuttlefish in ways that is easy to binge on. Try some of these:

  • Asam Pedas
  • Salted Egg
  • Deep Fried Cuttlefish with Salt and Pepper

View the Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant menu and order now: 

10. Lucky Cuisine

Image via @luckycuisine/Instagram

Lucky Cuisine has been operating for over 10 years! Yet, they’re still determined to serve authentic Sichuan dishes at its finest.

Here at this family friendly Chinese restaurant , you can get their specialised Braised Free Range Goose and Spicy Guinea Chicken. For an utmost experience, these dishes are prepared with poultry directly from the farm.

Images via @luckycuisine/Instagram

These are some of our recommendations:

  • Caramel Sweet Potato
  • Lemon Fish
  • Fried Pork Blood Cake
  • Pork Tripe with Hot Chilli Oil

Be sure to order their crayfish while catching up with the new C-dramas! They have 9 flavours for this dish, so pick your favourite!

View the Lucky Cuisine menu and order now:

11. Kuanzhai Alley KL

Images via @kuanzhai.kl/Facebook

Indecisive about getting Hotpot or skewers for dinner tonight? Kuanzhai Alley has combined these two yums as one for you!

They have more than 60 skewer options for you to soak into your mala soup. If you want something less spicy, opt for their mild or less spicy soup base.

Images via @kuanzhai.kl/Facebook

Beside skewers, this Chinese restaurant also serves some Chengdu delicacies.

These are some of our favourites:

  • Shrimp Paste
  • Clams
  • Pork Slice Belly

View the Kuanzhai Alley KL menu and order now:

12. Kaki Lang Homes Kitchen 自家人私家菜

Images via @kakilanghomeskitchen/Facebook

In case you’re wondering why they put leg ( kaki ) part of the restaurant’s name, well, kaki lang means our own people in Teochew dialect.

Kaki Lang Homes Kitchen is a Malaysian Chinese restaurants that specialises in Nyonya and Hakka food.

These are some of their bestsellers:

  • Nyonya Asam Fish
  • Hakka Rice Wine Chicken
  • Hakka Pig Trotter with Vinegar
Images via @kakilanghomeskitchen/Facebook

If you’re ordering for yourself, look through their set meal options. Get their chicken rendang or fried soy sauce pork rice with a side of acar and a drink for less than RM13.

What a deal!

View the Kaki Lang Homes Kitchen menu and order now:

13. Tiger Hotpot 捞府火锅

Images via @tiger.hotpot/Facebook

Last but not least, Hotpot!

Tiger Hot Pot was founded in February 2020, and are known to offer special broths such as Sarawak Laksa and Bak Kut Teh.

Aside from their flavorful broth, people are loving their automated elevation strainer trays design on their hotpot tables.

For this stay home period, get these to go with their savoury broth:

  • Handmade Chives and Pork Dumplings
  • Australian Signature Sliced Beef
  • Fish Ball with Roe
  • Bursting Meatball

View the TIGER HOT POT 捞府火锅 menu and order now:

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