10 New Restaurants To Try In 2022

Happy New Year! 

Can you believe it’s 2022 already? 

We all know that 2021 has been a roller-coaster ride for all of us – especially for our beloved local F&B businesses. 

Fret not! This year, we are looking forward to a brighter year ahead, and with so many new up-and-coming restaurants, we’ve put together a list of 10 new restaurants to try in 2022.

1. Restart by Slo

Images from @squarepad & @restartbyslo

A new year calls for a fresh start! 

That’s why we’ve got just the right cafe for you at Restart by Slo in Kota Damansara!

This new restaurant just opened up a few months ago, and has been the talk of the town ever since.

Beep recommends trying their:

  • Porky Brioche
  • Thai Chicken
  • Breakfast Platter

Check out the Restart by Slow menu and order now: restartbyslo.beepit.com

2. 385°F

Images from @venicekeqian & @385fcafe

This new restaurant in Bukit Damansara definitely speaks for itself!

Walking into 385°F is like a breath of fresh air, which you’ll definitely need more of in 2022!

If you’re a coffee-lover, then you’ll love the rich aroma, comforting warmth and loveliness of their freshly brewed coffee.

If you plan on trying them out soon, be sure to check out their:

  • Prawn Butter Lemon Pasta
  • Roti Terang Bulan
  • French Toast

Check out the 385°F menu and order now: 385f.beepit.com

3. Tanned

Images from @gettingtanned

Let’s manifest a sunny, bright, and productive 2022!

That being said, why not enjoy being bathed in sunlight at the Tanned Cafe in Publika?

This new restaurant serves nothing but the most buttery and flakiest pastries in town. 

Here are some of our TAN out of TAN recommendations: 

  • Tanned Box
  • Mont Blanc
  • Mango Sticky Rice

Keep a lookout for perfect tanning weather and be sure to give them a try!

Check out the Tanned menu and order now: tannedkitchen.beepit.com

4. Kairos Specialty Coffee

Images from @kairosspecialty

Fun fact: Kairos Specialty Coffee was founded in late 2017 in Brisbane, Australia, as a passion project by Melanie and Nick.

They’ve now successfully brought back this passion project to Malaysia with two beautiful new restaurants serving great coffees and coffee beans.

 Beep recommends getting their:

  • Box of 6 Brioche Bomboloni
  • Charcoal Latte
  • Pain Au Chocolat

Check out the Kairos Specialty Coffee menu and order now: kairosspecialtycoffee.beepit.com

5. Sandw & Coffee

Images from @sandwncoffee

If you value time at home more than going out, then this place is perfect for you!

Sandw & Coffee is a virtual coffee house serving a variety of vegetarian-friendly sandwiches and coffees.

If you’re looking for a home café day in, we highly recommend ordering their:

  • Mushroom Black Pepper Sandwich
  • Fillet Sandwich
  • Cold Brew White
  • Signature Unsweetened Latte

View the Sandw & Coffee menu and order now: sandwcoffee.beepit.com

6. Back Alley Pasta

Images from @backalleypasta

If your new year’s resolution includes seeking more adventures, head on over to Back Alley Pasta, because they’re definitely not your ordinary pasta joint!

This new restaurant in Ampang is a hidden gem tucked away in the back alley of a shop lot. 

Beep recommends trying out their:

  • Squid Ink Tagliolini Carbonara
  • Pork Katsu with Asian Pesto Rice
  • Potato Gnocchi with Miso Béchamel and Yuzu Brisket

The question now is, are you brave enough to embark on this new adventure?

View the Back Alley Pasta menu and order now: backalleypasta.beepit.com

7. Cureé

Images from @curee_

Planning to play tourist in KL anytime soon? Be sure to stop by Cureé while you’re at it! 

This charming new restaurant near Jalan Imbi is famous for their Hokkaido-style soup curry and Japanese curry rice such as:

  • Omu Garlic Fried Rice with Curry
  • Japanese Curry
  • Omelette Japanese Curry

Aside from their amazing selection of Japanese dishes, you’ll also find plenty of aesthetic spots to take your OOTD!

View the Cureé menu and order now: curee.beepit.com

8. Brew Hype

Images from @brewhypemy

A coffee date ALWAYS sounds like a brilliant idea. Let’s see what the hype is all about at Brew Hype!

Be prepared to be spoilt with their endless choices of coffee, tea, matcha, and pastries! 

Here are some of our top picks from this cafe:

  • Biscoff Latte
  • Brew Hype Coffee
  • Triple Scoop Croffle

Experience the hype yourself this weekend, and don’t forget to bring a friend along for a fa-brew-lous coffee date! 

View the Brew Hype menu and order now: brewhype.beepit.com

9. TAKA Modern Izakaya

Images from @euniceeunny & @taka.izakaya

Kick-off 2022 by visiting this Japanese spirited modern Izakaya in Kuala Lumpur.

TAKA Modern Izakaya is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any Japanese foodie! 

This new restaurant serves not only a taste of authentic Japanese cuisine but also a taste of luxury.

Beep recommends:

  • Uni & Japanese A5 Wagyu
  • Chef Premium Selection Sushi Box
  • TAKA Sukiyaki Kagoshima A5 Wagyu

Include this in your list of new restaurants to try, and thank us later!

View the TAKA Modern Izakaya menu and order now: takamodernizakaya.beepit.com

10. KLCG Confectionery & Bakery

Images from @weichunnn__125 & @klcgconfectionerybakery

Have you been seeing KLCG’s new spot in KL all over your Instagram feed and TikTok FYP these past few weeks? 

If you have, then that’s the universe giving you a sign to pay them a visit too!

You’ll literally find yourself in pastry heaven with their decadent selection of baked goods like Matcha Danish, Black Forest Croissant, Hazelnut Fudge Pain Au and more!

But if you’re a homebody like us, then just get these delivered right to your doorstep instead! 

View the KLCG Confectionery & Bakery menu and order now: klcg.beepit.com

Get ready for a self-indulgent weekend

What’re you waiting for? 

Go ahead and make plans for the weekend with these amazing new restaurants we’ve picked out specially for you! 

Pro foodie tip: Not a fan of the crowd? Download the Beep App and bring these restaurants to you so you can have yourself a home-cafe weekend instead!

Want good food delivered to your doorstep? Just Beep it!

Check out more aesthetic cafes to visit in Klang Valley here!

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