20 Best Japanese Restaurants & Must-Try ‘Oishii’ Places

The best Japanese restaurants are now here to serve you a wide range of Japanese food, from fine dining to affordable sushi sets! Good news is, they are now ALL delivering to Klang Valley!

What are you waiting for? Let’s dig in!

1. Tomo Ramen Bar

Tomo Ramen Bar is a Japanese restaurant in Petaling Jaya that serves unique flavours of traditional Japanese ramen. 

Aside from wheat noodles served with char siew in OG broth, Tomo Ramen Bar is loved for their Signature Miso Soy Milk Ramen. 

What’s a better soul-food than a bowl of chewy noodles soaked in a rich soy milk broth?

Besides ramen, you’ve got to try their Don! Buta Don is one of their bestsellers. It is served with seared pork belly with the must-have onsen egg and scallion!  

Get ready to slurp down this entire bowl of goodness! 

View Tomo Ramen Bar menu and order now: tomo.beepit.com 

2. KyaKushi Japanese Restaurant

One of the reasons why Malaysians love Japanese food is the endless selection of sushi options. 

KyaKushi is one of the best Japanese restaurants when it comes to sushi! 

Not only are they super fresh, but the meat-to-rice ratio is also on point. It is definitely worth the value!  

Apart from the sushi sets, you should also try these other menu items: 

  • Karaage Chicken
  • Negima (Chicken and Leek Skewers)
  • Takoyaki 

If you want a full meal, get their set meals: 

  • Shogayaki Beef Set
  • Kabayuki Unagi Set
  • Chicken Katsu Set

View KyaKushi Japanese Restaurant menu and order now: kyakushi.beepit.com 


For you foodies who love sashimi, UOKATSU is definitely the place to get it! 

UOKATSU is known for serving deliciously fresh sashimi and seafood in Kuala Lumpur. Amongst their varieties of sashimi, salmon and saba are undoubtedly the crowd’s favourite. 

Besides sashimi, this Japanese restaurant also serves grilled and rice dishes. 

Here are our recommendations: 

  • Mentai Rice
  • Sanma Kabayaki Don
  • Grilled Mackerel

View UOKATSU 魚勝 menu and order now: uokatsu.beepit.com


Images via @ramen_matsurimy

Ramen Matsuri is one of the few ramen places in Malaysia that sells only chicken broth ramen.

There’s not much choice on the menu. But because of that, we know they take their ramen very seriously.

These are their bestsellers ramen flavours:

  • Red spicy
  • Torikoku
  • Black garlic
Images via @ramen_matsurimy

Surprise, surprise! They’ve added rice sets onto their menu. Be sure to order their Chicken Karaage Rice or Chicken Char Siew Rice.

View RAMEN MATSURI menu and order now: ramenmatsuri.beepit.com

5. The Fat Fish

Are you on Instagram 24/7? If so, you definitely have heard of The Fat Fish! Better news, they’re on Beep for you to order in now!

The aesthetic images of their food will make you drool by just looking at them.

You do not want to miss these Japanese sets:

  • Take Sashimi Set
  • Fuyu Sashimi Set
  • Aki sashimi Set

Besides the popularity for their fresh sashimi and sushi sets, they have a western menu as well.

Get these to tantalise your tastebud:

  • Lamb Rack
  • Truffle Mushroom Pasta
  • Salmon Steak

View The Fat Fish menu and order now: thefatfish.beepit.com 

6. Yugo Desa Sri Hartamas

Let’s be honest here, we all eat with our eyes first right? If it is visually pleasant, we tend to have a better appetite.

Yugo Desa Sri Hartamas serves a plethora of unique creations with the best presentations. These are their all-time-best-selling dishes:

  • Hotate Origini
  • Kaisen Ryuri Gratin
  • Onsen Tamago

This modern Japanese restaurant is loved for its fusion and high-quality delicacies.

We highly recommend these:

  • Gyu Pureto
  • Salmon Ikura Don
  • Unagi & Foie Gras
  • Wagyu Sliders

Get their Sashimi set with a variety of raw fishes to share with your family!

View Yugo Desa Sri Hartamas menu and order now: yugodsh.beepit.com 

7. Mitasu Japanese Restaurant

If you are easily amazed by the never-ending food choices, you should visit this Japanese Restaurant!

Mitasu has been around since 2012, with a mission to deliver an ultimate dining experience like no other.

They are popular and famous for their à la carte Japanese AYCE buffet. Be sure to visit them when we go back to the old normal.

But for now, you can have their equally moreish food delivered to you.

If you want something fancy, order from their teppanyaki and wagyu menu. If you want something simple, get their chahan set meals.

You want it, they have it!

Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Hotate Salada Sake Don
  • Zaru Soba Maki Set
  • Chirashi Don

View Mitasu Japanese Restaurant menu and order now: mitasujapaneserestaurant.beepit.com

8. Loft Eat

A popular Japanese street food served in many restaurants is Oden. And luckily for you, that’s what Loft Eat is famous for.

If you’re craving for the best Oden in KL with quality ingredients and affordable prices, this is the place for you!

This Japanese restaurant is pork-free and doesn’t serve MSG. Moreover, they also offer healthy Oden selections. SO it’s ideal for you to enjoy guilt-free.

Here are some must-try value sets:

  • Healthy Oden (Premium)
  • Healthy Oden (Basic)

You can also customise your own Oden bowl by selecting your preferred soup from Kelp & Bonito, Miso, Spicy Kelp & Bonito, and Spicy Miso. 

Then choose your favourite items and enjoy! Pick either Dory Fish Slice, Chikuwa, egg, or Fish Roe Fortune Bag to feed your meat loving soul!

View the Loft Eat menu and order now: lofteat.beepit.com

9. Deli Sushi

Deli Sushi is the best halal Japanese restaurant that serves a wide selection of food. 

You’ll get to enjoy a parade of Sushi, Ramen, Bento and other dishes at home with food delivery services from both their Shah Alam and PJ branches. Just choose the one nearby you when you order.

The bestsellers that you don’t want to miss out on are as follows:

  • Salmon Sashimi
  • Chuka Idako
  • Smoked Salmon Nigiri

Still looking for more delicious dishes to try?

You’ll never stop exploring new menu items at Deli Sushi! These dishes are highly recommended and packed with tastefulness!

  • Beep Teriyaki Ramen
  • Shishamo Jumbo Roll
  • Garlic Fried Rice

View the Deli Sushi menu and order now: deli-sushi.beepit.com

10. Omulab

The first and the best Japanese Omurice specialty in Malaysia is here! Omulab offers all the Omu dishes you could ever dream of!

This is a must-try restaurant if you’re an egg-lover or missing Japan BUT can’t travel now. 

Try their Omurice menu if you’re new to this place. The popular items are:

  • Omu Nasi Lemak Bungkus
  • Omu Mentaiko & Ebiko
  • Omu Kare

These fluffy eggs are not only Instagrammable but also perfect for any meal!

Apart from Omurice, their menu is also diverse, namely Omunimate, Omu-Noodles, OmuGrill, etc. Each dish has Omu as the main star which blends very well with its unique ingredients.

Here are our all-time favourites:

  • Omu Teriyaki Chicken Chop
  • Signature Chicken Karaage
  • Classic Tamago Sando

View the Omulab menu and order now: omulab.beepit.com


From an all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet to dining comfortably at home, SHABU-YO is now serving a steamboat delivery at your utmost convenience!

All ingredients are high-quality and well-packed, so EVERYTHING comes fresh and ready to cook.

Here are two crowd favourite Shabu Shabu delivery sets:

  • Beef & Pork & Chicken Course
  • Pork & Chicken Course

Choose your set and add on other items to indulge yourself and your tastebuds in a drool-worthy meal!

If you’re looking for the best combination for your steamboat at home, these are highly-recommended:

  • Beef Karubi
  • Tsukune (Meat Paste)
  • Pork Belly
  • Pork Collar

Moreover, there is also an abundance of rice, noodles, and snacks that you can enjoy – just like you’re having a Japanese steamboat buffet at home! 

View the SHABU-YO menu and order now: shabu-yosunwaypyramid.beepit.com

12. Tomo Ramen Bar

Ramen never goes out of style when it comes to Japanese cuisine, and Tomo Ramen Bar knows how to craft the traditional ramen best!

Each dish is beautifully decorated with its fine ingredients and tastes incomparable. 

Here are 3 top dishes you must try:

  • Tomo Miso Soymilk
  • Tonkotsu – Tonkotsu
  • Spicy Jigoku

These bestsellers will never let you down, especially the signature Tomo Miso Soymilk broth that everyone fancies.

That’s NOT it! Tomo Ramen Bar also has extensive Donburi and snack selections if you’re not a big fan of Ramen.

Try their Gyutan Don for juicy and tender grilled ox tongue if you’re craving for a spicy and exotic dish. Or go for their Luncheon Meat with Mentaiko and Gyoza for your appetisers. 

You can even opt for Chashu Pork, Onsen Egg, or Wood Ear Fungus for extra yummy add-ons to your meal.

View the Tomo Ramen Bar menu and order now: tomo.beepit.com

13. Torii Teppanyaki

Torii Teppanyaki is also one of the best Japanese restaurants in Klang Valley. This place serves authentic Teppanyaki dishes with a wide range of selections. 

There are plenty of fresh ingredients awaiting for you to enjoy. Whether you’re a beef lover, prefer chicken, or love seafood like shrimp, Torii Teppanyaki  guarantees an amazing feast!

Craving for a Japanese style hot plate or iron plate?

They also offer plentiful selections of Iron Pepper Rice that everyone longs for.

If you’re looking for some meal ideas, these are must-tries from Torii Teppanyaki:

  • Set Salmon
  • Set Beef
  • Set Chicken

However, your meal won’t be complete unless you have your favourite drink with it!

So you can pair it with Hojicha Latte, the most popular drink at this restaurant. Its aromatic and toasty flavour is the perfect ending to your Japanese meal. 

View the Torii Teppanyaki menu and order now: toriiteppanyaki.beepit.com


You can’t miss FUJISAWA IZAKAYA if you’re looking for premium Japanese food with reasonable prices. So get yourself and your family spoiled with a variety of menu items here.

From Japanese meals to famous Sake, FUJISAWA IZAKAYA gained its popularity with a wide range of menu collections.

You’ll be fascinated by the choices they have to offer. In case you’re having a party at home, they have up to 7 platters of Sushi which is perfect for your whole family!

Or if you prefer an individual meal, their Bento rice sets like Unagi Bento or Salmon Teriyaki Bento are absolutely the best! 

Plus, don’t forget to try these most loving dishes too:

  • USA Live Oyster
  • Premium Sushi Platter
  • Unagi Bento
  • Salmon Sashimi

View the FUJISAWA IZAKAYA menu and order now: fujisawaizakaya.beepit.com

15. Super Ramen

Super Ramen is where you’ll taste rich bowls of Ramen with a great twist. They change how we perceive a general bowl of Ramen to be bold and fun! 

Their Kumamoto Charsyu Ramen and Katsu Curry Ramen are always a crowd favourite. SO these are must-tries if you’re longing for the best Ramen in KL.

Not only is their Ramen popular but also other meals and desserts.

With the creativity presented and various delightful flavours, you’ll never be disappointed with Super Ramen when the craving hits.

Some other best-selling items are:

  • Whatever Ramen (dry)
  • Chicken Teriyaki Don 
  • Foie Gras Scramble Egg
  • Kunfu Mushroom

View the Super Ramen menu and order now: superramensripetaling.beepit.com

16. Ramen Bar Shi Shi Do

Ramen Shi Shi Do is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Gasket Alley, PJ. Not only for their authentic taste but also vibes that allow you to wallow in real Japanese designs.

The queues here are always long because of the popular Izakaya-inspired Ramen.

Ramen Bar Shi Shi Do’s specialty is their Tonkotsu Ramen. Their pork broth is cooked for up to 48 hours which allows the natural and rich flavours of pork bones to be absorbed into the soup.

Their noodles are also scrupulously custom-made and are best to eat with the creamy pork broth and the succulent braised pork shoulder on top.

If you’re looking for some Ramen ideas, here are their drool-worthy signature dishes:

  • Tonkotsu Tsukemen Double Flavour
  • Shishi Ramen Double Flavour
  • Mazesoba

Also, here are some of their Home Cook Series if you’re planning on cooking a good Ramen at home!

  • Frozen Tsukemen Double Flavour
  • Frozen Ramen Single Flavour
  • Frozen Ippon Yakibuta with BBQ

View the Ramen Bar Shi Shi Do menu and order now: ramenbarshishido.beepit.com

17. Supreme Barbeque Club

Craving for a good Japanese BBQ at home?

Supreme Barbeque Club has got you covered! This place is a popular pork-free Japanese and Korean fusion restaurant which offers a fun and exciting dining experience.

It’s even more convenient now when you can recreate that enjoyable moment at home with Beep! You can indulge in a variety of Japanese and Korean style snacks, rice, and noodles too!

If you’re a meat lover, this place also serves the best premium Wagyu cut meats for grilling.

There are lots of tender and juicy BBQ combos that you can explore here, namely Super Premium Beef Combo, SBC Combo, and SBC Supreme Combo.

However, you can also opt for other bestselling items. Here are our recommendations at Supreme Barbeque Club:

  • Cold Zaru Soba
  • Garlic Fried Rice
  • Mentaiko Rice

View the Supreme Barbeque Club menu and order now: sbclubampang.beepit.com

18. Toritama

Now let’s move to another top Japanese restaurant in Solaris Dutamas. Toritama at Publika is a must-try, and you’ll enjoy so much food here!

It’s one of Tokyo’s most delicious and various Yakitori spots in KL. They serve up to 20 types of skewers namly pork, chicken, and organs.

If you love to eat Yakitori, this is definitely a must! The most loved Yakitoris here are:

  • Batu Karubi (Pork Belly)
  • Tebasaki (Wing)
  • Bonjiri (Male of Tail)

Besides those appetising skewers, Toritama also serves an extensive menu which ranges from skewers, rice bowls, Ramen, and a lot of side dishes. 

Their Buta Ramen Bowl and Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl are good options if you’re looking for something more fulfilling. 

Or if you prefer a lunch or dinner set, you can also opt for the Yakitori Set or Omakase Course to get your Japanese food cravings satisfied!

View the Toritama menu and order now: toritama.beepit.com

19. Nomi Tomo Sake Bar 

Nomi Tomo Sake Bar is a hidden gem in Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara. This place is the first Sake Bar in Klang Valley and is literally a heaven for Sake and Japanese food lovers.

Venturing into their tasty menu, you’ll be surprised with a variety of food selections like Donburi, noodles, deep fried dishes, desserts, etc. Yums!

Moreover, you can even customise your Alcohol D.I.Y. Kit to celebrate special occasions at home.

Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, Nomi Tomo Sake Bar has everything that you’ll need!

Ready to sparkle joy with the best meals? Let’s start with these recommendations:

  • Gyu Don
  • Curry Katsu Don
  • Tokachi Butadon

View the Nomi Tomo Sake Bar menu and order now: nomitomosakebar.beepit.com

20. Cureé

Let’s end our best Japanese restaurant list in Klang Valley with this cute, minimalistic, and aesthetic place. 

Cureé (pronounced as “Ka-Ray”) at Jalan Imbi has never let anyone down with its flavourful curry dishes and comforting desserts!

You’ll be spoiled with a wide selection of food, drinks, desserts, and a lot more. However if you ask for what to try here, their Japanese Curry rice is a must.

The crunchy meat combined with mouth-watering curry is just so perfect for any meal.

Still searching for more meals or dessert options?

Here are our recommendations at Cureé :

  • Chicken Gyoza
  • Omelette Japanese Cheezy Curry
  • Ramen
  • Matcha Milk Chocolate
  • Liu Ying

Check these out and let us know if you agree or have any other recommendations!

View the Cureé menu and order now: curee.beepit.com

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