Lou Sang! Toss To Prosperity At Home With These Delicious Yee Sang Sets For CNY 2021

Huat Ahh! Nian Nian You Yu! Nothing screams abundance more than the variety of Yee Sang sets you can find on Beep! 

Choose from classic favourites, indulgent options or even Yee Sang sets with a unique twist. 

Pick up your chopsticks and toss to prosperity at home with these auspicious yet delicious Yee Sang sets that are delivering to Klang Valley!  

1. Botanica + Co Alila Bangsar – Prosperity Yee Sang

Images via BotanicaCo.my/Facebook

What’s a feast for your eyes as it is for your tastebuds?

Botanica’s Properity Yee Sang of course! 

Its bright and springtime flavours are complemented with house-made crispy salmon skin, jelly fish and freshly sliced air-flown Norwegian Salmon. 

Images via BotanicaCo.my/Facebook

This beautifully curated Yee Sang set comes also with a detailed card on what each of the ingredients symbolise. 

Botanica + Co should be highly commended for this thoughtful addition of including all the auspicious wishes we should be tossing to. 

This way, we can easily impress our relatives!  

View the Botanica + Co menu and order now: botanica.beepit.com

2. LI Restaurant – LI’s Yee Sang

Images via @lidamansarajaya/Instagram

Toast to a HUAT year ahead with LI Restaurant’s fresh and colourful Yee Sang! 

This specially curated Yee Sang set features an assortment of vegetables, Tiny Green’s microgreens, deep-fried dumpling skin and smoked salmon.  

It comes with a delicious passionfruit dressing that’ll be sure to tingle your tastebuds! 

And that’s not all! 

Enjoy free delivery within 7km by using promo code LIHUATAH 

This voucher is valid for LI’s Yee Sang ONLY (from 21st January – 28th February 2021). 

Note: Pre-order a day in advance to avoid disappointment. 

View the LI restaurant menu and order now: lirestaurant.beepit.com

3. Fujisawa Izakaya – Abalone Rainbow Yee Sang 

Images via Fujisawa.Izakaya.Uptown/Facebook

Looking for an exciting alternative to a traditional Yee Sang?

Fujisawa Izakaya’s Abalone Rainbow Yee Sang takes an elevated Japanese spin on this beloved classic. 

It features a generous serving of chunky-cut salmon sashimi on a bed of fresh Japanese ingredients such as Ebi, Tako, Shiro Maguro, Chuka Wakame and more! 

Their Rainbow Yee Sang comes in various sizes, feeding 2-3 pax, 4-7 pax or even 8+ pax. 

Going all out?

Opt for their premium set with Abalone for a super ONG new year! 

It’s a feast for the eyes as it is for the tastebuds! 

View the Fujisawa Izakaya menu and order now: fujisawaizakaya.beepit.com

4. The Purpose Bowl Malaysia – Golden HaHa Yee Sang 

The Purpose Bowl #HuatToEat CNY 2021 Yee Sang Sets Beep Food Delivery Malaysia.png
Image via @purposebowl.my/Instagram

Ring in the ‘Niu’ year with The Purpose Bowl’s Golden HaHa (Prawn) Yee Sang 

Their vibrant Yee Sang dish consists of fresh prawns, cucumber, carrots, Chinese turnips, pomelo, taro, homemade crispy crackers, cilantro, homemade ginger and ground peanuts. It’s then topped with a house special sauce. 

Sticking true to their mission of paying it forward, each Yee Sang purchase will contribute towards the MCO 2.0 Feed The Need Project 2021. 

So order your Yee Sang and toss away knowing that you’ve given back to the community at the same time! 

An additional bonus? All ingredients are home-made from scratch with no MSG and it’s Muslim friendly! 

View The Purpose Bowl menu and order now: thepurposebowlmy.beepit.com

5. The Fat Fish

The Fat Fish HuatToEat Yee Sang Sets CNY 2021 Food Delivery Malaysia
Images via @thefatfish_mk/Instagram

May your year ahead be as sweet as the delicious plum sauce in The Fish Bowl’s Prosperity Yee Sang! 

The Fat Fish has been presenting one of the best looking Yee Sang dishes for years! 

This colourful and vibrant yee sang consists of fresh wholesome ingredients with a generous portion of salmon that’s arranged as a beautiful flower in the center. 

For those who’d like to indulge, you can choose to add on some snow pears or abalone for more ‘HUAT’! 

View The Fat Fish menu and order now: thefatfish.beepit.com

6. Ant Hotpot – Abalone Yee Sang

Image via AntHotpot/Facebook

Get your Yee Sang delivered to your doorstep from Ant Hotpot! 

Ant Hotpot is offering 3 types of Yee Sang for you and your family to enjoy at home. Choose between: 

  • Abalone Yee Sang
  • Crispy Fish Skin Yee Sang
  • Vegetarian Yee Sang 

With each Yee Sang containing a mix of fresh and premium ingredients, there’s no better way to toss to a prosperous year ahead! 

View the Ant Hotpot menu and order now: anthotpot.beepit.com

7. Maria’s SteakCafe – Pulled Beef Yee Sang

Images via @chafyst/Intagram

The higher you toss, the better! 

That’s certainly the case with Maria’s SteakCafe CNY Yee Sang. 

Their prosperous Yee Sang set features all the ingredients that symbolise good luck, good health and all things auspicious! 

What’s special about this year is their Pulled Beef Yee Sang! This newly launched chef special comes in 2 sizes, medium or large. 

Alternatively, you can also order their classic Smoked Salmon Yee Sang. 

View the Maria’s SteakCafe menu and order now: mariassteakcafe.beepit.com

8. Red Kettle – Single-serving Yee Sang Salad

Red Kettle HuatToEat CNY 2021 Yee Sang Sets Beep Food Delivery Malaysia
Image via @redkettle37/Instagram

If you’re living alone, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the CNY fun! 

Grab yourself Red Kettle’s single-serving Yee Sang Salad and do a virtual ‘lou sang’ with your family and friends. 

This CNY special is the perfect alternative if you’re looking for a small yet authentic Yee Sang. It features fresh all-natural ingredients like mesclun salad, smoked salmon, quinoa, pear, carrot, raspberry stained daikon, pickled pumpkin, pok chui, pomelo, cucumber, ginger, cranberry, sesame and herbs. 

Top it off with their cherry dressing and you’re ready to toss! 

View the Red Kettle menu and order now: redkettle.beepit.com

View the Red Kettle Starling Mall menu and order now: redkettlestarlingmall.beepit.com

9. Yugo Desa Sri Hartamas – Prosperity Yee Sang

Yugo Desa Sri Hartamas HuatToEat CNY 2021 Yee Sang Sets Beep Food Delivery Malaysia
Image via @yugo.my/Instagram

Usher in the Year of the Ox with Yugo’s Prosperity Yee Sang. 

Known for their affordable fine-dining Japanese style meals, you can expect their Yee Sang to be held at a premium standard. 

Enjoy their perfectly crafted Yee Sang that comes with a generous serving of salmon sashimi! 

After all, the salmon sashimi is always the best part! 

Bonus tip: first 10 orders to add on Yugo’s fresh and succulent sashimi will get 15% off their total order! 

View the Yugo Desa Sri Hartamas menu and order now: yugodsh.beepit.com

10. Southern Rock Seafood – Fresh Salmon Yee Sang

Image via @southernrockseafood/Instagram

Pick up your chopsticks because Southern Rock Seafood has got your Yee Sang cravings sorted! 

Selling some of KL’s best seafood, you won’t want to miss out on their deliciously auspicious Yee Sang. 

Their CNY Yee Sang comes with a choice of Fresh Salmon Sashimi or Smoked Salmon. 

Willing to splurge this festive season?

Why not add on a dozen of their fresh oysters for double the happiness?

View the Southern Rock Seafood menu and order now: southernrockseafood.beepit.com

11. Fei Fan Hotpot – Prosperity Yee Sang

Image via @feifanhotpot/Instagram

Lou Hei your way into the new year with Fei Fan Hotpot’s Prosperity Yee Sang. 

Fei Fan Hotpot is your go-to spot to experience a flavourful yet affordable taste of Hong Kong. 

Their Prosperity Yee Sang features a variety of traditional sides, crispies and a homemade sauce to top it off. 

While you’re at it, why not check out their hot pot value sets as well! 

View the Fei Fan Hotpot menu and order now: feifanhotpot.beepit.com

12. Lala Chong Sunway Seafood – 发财鱼生 Yee Sang


Lala Chong Sunway Seafood’s exquisite Yee Sang paves the way for a auspicious Chinese New Year celebration. 

Their CNY Yee Sang comes with a colourful array of ingredients such as a generous portion of salmon, shredded white radish, carrots, ginger slices, golden crackers and more! 

From chinese-centric seafood menus to ala-carte comfort dishes, Lala Chong Sunway Seafood is your go-to option for familiar oriental flavours that’ll leave you wanting more! 

View the Lala Chong Sunway Seafood menu and order now: lalachongsunwayseafood.beepit.com

Go forth and practice your Yee Sang CNY wishes

Did you know that each Yee Sang ingredient has its own significant meaning and comes with a Chinese phrase?

It’s time to brush up on your Chinese dialect and usher in the new year with a prosperity toss.

Check out Beep’s #HuatToEat CNY collection for restaurants that are delivering Yee Sang sets to you! 

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