Top Places in Klang Valley For Refreshing Beverages (Bubble Tea, Coffee, Juices)

Are you an addict to coffee or bubble tea? With the hot Malaysian weather, refreshing beverages are what you need to pull through life.

We want you to enjoy your life even if you’re stuck at home! Therefore, we have these top beverages places ready to deliver your happiness to you.

1. Krave Koffee

Image via @kravekoffeeco/Instagram

Who’s missing the strong aroma scent of a hot Americano that wafts over the entire cafe? I know I do!

Although we’re not allowed to have a cafe-hopping day out with our friends, it shouldn’t stop you from getting a great cup of coffee.

Krave Koffee is a delivery-only coffee business that delivers to Klang Valley. The reason behind this business concept is to make their coffee itself worth the value, and not charging their customers for the ambience.

Images via @kravekofeeco/Instagram

With no Instagrammable spot for their customers to take photos, they make sure to provide customers with the best coffee they possibly can.

Aside from their best selling bottled coffee, they’ve fulfilled many coffee lover’s desire to make their own espresso-based at home.

Say goodbye to Dalgona Coffee! Get their Elixir and start making your own premium cup of coffee, you coffee addicts.

View the Krave Koffee menu and order now:

2. Gold Tea

Images via @goldteamalaysia/Facebook

Who queued for more than an hour when Gold Tea first launched in Malaysia? Well, fret not! We are delivering them to you.

While most of the bubble tea shops are based in Taiwan or China, Gold Tea specialises in Hong Kong Milk Tea. What’s the uniqueness of this you ask? Instead of shaking the tea in bottles, Hong Kong Milk Tea is pulled with sackcloth bags.

For that, Hong Kong Milk Tea is also called ‘Silk Stocking’ Milk Tea.

Image via @goldteamalaysia/Facebook

A good and fast breakfast is central to Hong Kong people, which is why sandwiches are their go-to breakfast option. When you order the unique beverages from Gold Tea, remember to get their golden eggwich and pineapple bun!

View the Gold Tea menu and order now:

3. Partea & ParEat

Images via @parteamalaysia/Instagram

Fun fact! Partea is Singapore’s first homegrown fruit tea brand that’s here in Malaysia. They specialise in healthy and refreshing beverages.

Taking into consideration that some people love the texture of pearls in their drinks but not really a fan of milk tea, Partea came up with a series of pure tea and fruit tea selections that allows you to add on pearls!

If you’re feeling adventurous, get these other pearls choices:

  • Amber pearls
  • White pearls
  • Sakura pearls
Images via @parteamalaysia/Instagram

Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Rose Pu’er Fruit Tea
  • Sijichun Fruit Tea
  • Golden Prosperity (Get this before they are off the menu!)
  • Mango Yoghurt

Want something more to snack on? Order their cheesy potato wedges and oden too!

How do you party during this stay home period? Get refreshing beverages from Partea!

View the Partea & ParEat menu and order now:

4. Truedan Malaysia

Image via @truedanmalaysia/Facebook

Assuming that you are a bubble tea connoisseur, you will definitely know Truedan (also named Jenjudan in Taiwan and Hong Kong).

Truedan is well known for their Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Series. With the chewiness of the pearls coated with their fragrant brown sugar syrup, no one does it better!

Images via @truedanmalaysia/Instagram

For people who prefers a more filling beverage, we recommend Truedan’s Fresh Taro Milk! The combination of the creaminess taro and rich milk is just phenomenal.

Get these if you are open to trying new things:

  • Celdon Green Tea
  • Passion Fruit Coco Jelly and Bubble Jasmine Green Tea
  • Cheese Foam Mango

You have to try one yourself to understand the fuss! Toodles, I’m getting one for myself now!

View the Truedan Tropcana Gardens Malls menu and order now:

5. Gingeray

Images via @gingeraymsia/Facebook

Who says milk tea is unhealthy? Gingeray is here to prove you wrong!

Gingeray is a bubble tea store located in the heart of Petaling Jaya that promises to deliver on both tasty and healthy drinks.

With all-natural ingredients used, they are also committed to make everything fresh and from scratch.

Images via @gingeraymsia/Facebook

While getting your first Gingeray Matcha Boba or Gingeray Black and White, get your family some ginger powder and boxes of organic soy with bentong ginger.

This is the time to prove to your mom that you eat ginger! Although that’s not the way your mom wants your face stuffed with ginger, but at least you’re taking the first step. That’s all that matters!

View the Gingeray menu and order now:

6. Frostea

Images via @frostea.malaysia/Facebook

FROSTEA is delivering these OG bubble teas right to your doorstep for you and your family.

We all know that Taiwanese bubble tea took over the market these years, but these chilly and shivery beverages should never be forgotten.

Create your own rainbow and try these:

  • Iceberg Nuclear Fusion
  • Arctic Grapeberry
  • Iceberg Crunchy Cookies n Cream

View the FROSTEA menu and order now:

7. Eninge Lemon Tea

Images via @EningeMY/Facebook

They say when life gives you lemon, make lemonade. Well, Eninge Lemon Tea has something better! Aside from the Vitamin C that you need, you get to enjoy your lemon tea differently with their own unique recipes.

Image via @EningeMY/Facebook

There’s nothing wrong about getting fancier lemonades in life. Therefore, you should definitely order these from the menu:

  • Yakult Perfume Lemon
  • Goji Chrysanthemum Lemon Tea
  • Royal Grape Lemon

They even have strawberry pearls and winter jelly pearls if you order their milk tea series.

View the Eninge Lemon Tea menu and order now:

8. JuiceLab

Images via @juicelab_my/Instagram

Munching on too much Chinese New Year snacks and have been ignoring your diet plan? In that case, time for a detox sesh!

JuiceLab is undoubtedly one of the top beverages places that people go to for their daily dose of vitamins and fibre.

Images via @juicelab_my/Instagram

Aside from their colourful and healthy juice series that is loved by many, their smoothie bowls are to die for.

With all the beautiful colours in a bowl, not only are you getting the health benefits into your body, but you’ll also havean aesthetic Instagrammable story to share with your friends.

Healthy on the inside, fancy on the outside!

View the JuiceLab menu and order now:

9. Hercaa Malaysia

Images via @hercaamalaysia/Instagram

Since its opening, Hercaa has taken Malaysians by storm. People were head over heels with this fancy drink spot.

They are popular for their creaminess of their brown sugar milk and the chewiness of their pearls. And they didn’t stop there! They wowed their customers by adding cheese foams on top of their beverages.

In a cup of goodness, you’ll get both savoury and sweet pleasures dancing in your mouth.

Images via @hercaamalaysia/Instagram

If you want something luxurious, they have Avocado Belgian Dark Chocolate. If you want something down to earth, get their Signature Thai Milk Tea.

However you want it, they’ve got you covered.

View the Hercaa Malaysia menu and order now:

Hesitant on which of these top spots to get your beverages delivered?

You need sugar in your body to stay active!

With the never ending working and studying from home, now it’s the best time to get a little sweetness in your life!

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