MORI KOHI: An Exquisite Japanese Food Haven For All Plant Lovers

Got green thumbs and a BIG heart for Japanese food? Don’t miss out on the botanical goods and delicious food at the hottest spot in town, Mori Kohi!

Sprouting a delicious greenery in Kuala Lumpur

Fun fact 1 : #DidYouKnow that Mori Kohi is a cafe that encourages an environmentally-friendly and sustainable movement in Malaysia?

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, this hidden gem is just 5 minutes away from Suria KLCC . By the founders of The Owls Cafe, Mori Kohi is a yoshoku-style cafe that serves a Western-Japanese fusion cuisine that is surrounded with greenery that is sure to capture any nature lovers’ attention.

Uniquely, this cafe is set in a bungalow that holds four different concepts under one roof – a cocktail lounge (Bar Moku), an event space (Supesu), a cafe (Mori Kohi) and a plant retail gallery (Midorie).

So when you pay a visit to Mori Kohi, look forward to a fun-filled day by:

  • Exploring your wild side at Bar Moku
  • Eating to your heart’s content at Mori Kohi
  • Enjoy a relaxing botanical walk through Midorie

Just like that, you’ll have your day all planned out!

Raw industrial interiors with a touch of botanical goodness, so magnifico

Mori Kohi has imaginatively filled its space with stunning Japanese plants and a basic décor in earthy tones, making sure that its customers will leave with a smile on their faces. Not only is this cafe furnished with a minimalistic and nature-themed look, but it also emits a sense of leafy-oasis and urbanism through its raw-industrial interiors.

Believe us when we say you will never want to leave this place. With the alluring scent of nature, a calming sight of greeneries, and the aroma of fresh ground coffee beans circling through the air, it’s no wonder Malaysians keep coming back to this glorious Japanese cafe.

PROTIP! – Don’t forget to dress your best as they have a few instagram-worthy spots for you to take OOTD shots!

Need a date with your fluffy-furry friends? Good news! Mori Kohi welcomes all pet owners with open arms, making this an un-FUR-gettable moment with your sweethearts! Not only will you be taking an OOTD shot, but your furry ones will get FUR-OTD shots of their own.

From filling KL with greeneries to feeding Malaysians’ tummies!

To enjoy a culinary experience and the best of both worlds of the Western-Japanese cuisine, we highly recommend trying these mains:

  • Mori Signature Tendon (An assortment of fried-tempura prawns & vegetables, dashingly seasoned and served with Japanese rice)
  • Salmon Chazuke (Japanese rice served with a generous amount of scrumptious salmon & hot broth – dashi, topped with a handful of seaweed flakes)
  • Tori Katsu Curry Rice (Japanese rice served with crispy & juicy chicken, battered with flavourful Japanese chicken curry, served with fresh vegetables on the side)
  • Cold Somen (Wheat flour noodles served with a light-textured but flavourful broth)

Each of these savouries are carefully curated, perfectly seasoned and well-prepared with only the freshest ingredients that will leave you coming back for more. Not only do these mains look enticing, they also taste amazing!

One with the nature, one with Matcha!

Let it be known, it is not a Japanese restaurant if it doesn’t serve Matcha!! Thankfully, Mori Kohi stays authentic to its Japanese roots. If you’re someone who would go crazy for Matcha and love to try new flavours, these specially crafted Matcha refreshments are just going to brighten up your day! These exciting flavours includes:

  • Strawberry Matcha (One for the sweet soul, a combination of rich-creamy Matcha and sweet strawberry purée)
  • Passionfruit Matcha (Complementing that smooth Matcha flavour lies behind a hint of fragrant passionfruit)
  • Plum Sencha (Crafted with fragrant Sencha with fruity plums, definitely an elixir for youthfulness)

It’s safe to say that Matcha and fruits go absolutely amazing together. Trust us, we know. A fruity sensational flavour accompanied with a smooth-nutty Matcha taste is what makes these drinks unique and irresistible!

Got a tingling sweet tooth? Other than serving delicious assortments, Mori Kohi brings a variety of desserts that unifies Matcha and fruits. Some of these must-try treats includes:

  • Fruit Caramel Pudding / Flan (Silky soft pudding served with whipped cream and fresh fruits on the side)
  • Oh Matcha Cheese (Powerful Matcha flavour with a hint of sweetness, a combo of smooth-textured Matcha cheesecake, layered at the bottom with a crunchy biscuit base)
  • Matcha Affogato (Served with a scoop of aromatic vanilla ice-cream and bitter-sweet Matcha)

We can assure you that these sweets are the icing on the cake to round off a memorable food adventure day. We bet you’re drooling just by reading this! Drool no longer, try these sugaries today!

Venture on an oishi food hunt at Mori Kohi!

Looking to spice up your foodie adventure? Explore the world of Western-Japanese cuisine like no other and give Mori Kohi a try today!

View Mori Kohi’s menu and order now:

Is Mori Kohi Halal-certified? Pork-free, some dishes may contain alcohol


Mori Kohi : 11, Jalan Aman, Off, Jalan Tun Razak, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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