UNIVERSAL BAKEHOUSE: Heaven To All Bread Lovers In Kuala Lumpur

Calling all bread and pastry lovers! Don’t just walk, but RUN to Universal Bakehouse and feast on some freshly baked goods that are oh-so-divine!

A homey bakery that’ll remind Malaysians of their beloved childhood days

Fun fact 1: #DidYouKnow that Universal Bakehouse was formerly occupied as a neighbourhood laundry shop in Damansara Kim?

YUP! You read that right!

What was once a 40-year-old laundry shop is now Malaysia’s sanctuary of sourdough pastries. Universal Bakehouse has indeed carried its legacy for the past two years alongside its sister cafe, Table and Apron.

Fun fact 2: #DidYouKnow that the traditional signage right outside Universal Bakehouse is fully hand-painted by an artist in his seventies? 

How cool is that?!

The same shop lot was previously known as “Kedai Dobi Universal“. In order to preserve its heritage, Table and Apron decided to implement some old-school elements into the design and name of this bakery, hence “Kedai Roti Universal“.

Serving more than 5 flavours of sourdough, Universal Bakehouse continues to deliver fresh bakes and sweet desserts daily to fulfil every Malaysian’s cravings!

Kicking it back to basics in the sourdough industry

As the saying goes, there is beauty in simplicity and that is the main reason netizens come back time and time again to Universal Bakehouse.

Using only three basic ingredients – salt, water and a little natural leaven (plus, a dashing amount of love!) – it’s all this bakery needs to deliver the finest sourdough bread on a daily basis.

Many enjoy eating sourdough, but few are aware of the time-consuming and laborious procedure that is required to create something so lusciously delicious.

Every bite of artisanal sourdough bread should be greatly appreciated. It’s no secret that this bakery knows its sourdoughs very well. A delicate process of kneading, folding and fermentation is what brings a gorgeous, crackly and soft-centred sourdough to the table.

Loaves and loaves of sourdoughs to choose from

In order to have a gastronomical experience of these artisanal sourdoughs, we highly recommend trying these flavours:

  • Apple Sourdough (Baked with fresh apple juice & packed with loads of apple chunks)
  • Pullman Sourdough (A pleasurable classic loaf with a compact crumb)
  • Full Cranberry & Walnuts Sourdough (Infused with tart cranberries & crushed walnuts for a nutty flavour)
  • Full Seeded Sourdough (Rich in aromatic seeds – poppy, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, flax & the list goes on!)

Each of these delights ushes out an alluring flavour that is just to die for. With the variety of flavours mentioned above, we understand if you find it difficult to pick one – so why not try them all instead?

Looking to spice things up? Universal Bakehouse also offers a variety of mouth-watering Tartines – an open-faced sandwich with toppings on top! These toppings go hand in hand with their sourdough slices, almost like soulmates (Just like you and Beep 😉 )!

Some of their must-tries include:

  • Smoked Mackerel Tartine (Spread with loads of smoked mackerel pate, topped with pickled onions & herby dill)
  • Ricotta & Sweet Potato Tartine (Slapped with heaps of sweet potato, spread with rich Ricotta)
  • Hot Smoked Salmon & Radish Tartine (Composed of sliced radish & a generous amount of hot smoked salmon)

Meticulously curated by these sourdough experts, these Tartines are the perfect starters for the day! Waking up and having one of these crunchy-savoury delights is definitely a guilty pleasure.

There’s always room for desserts and pastries at Universal Bakehouse!

Need a fix for your sweet tooth? You’re in luck because this bakery also serves a wide selection of yummy treats! From fluffy cakes to generously-filled creampuffs, you’re about to experience a whole new level of sugar rush!

We highly recommend:

  • Mini Choux – Vanilla (A crunchy exterior stuffed with classic vanilla custard)
  • Calamansi Lime Cake (Buttery cake infused with calamansi lime juice & lime zest, drizzled with cream cheese icing)
  • Doughnuts (Light & fluffy yeasted buns, coated with plain sugar or cinnamon sugar)
  • Cinnamon Roll (Braided buttery brioche with fragrant cinnamon sugar)

Be sure to save some room for desserts or you’ll definitely regret not having ’em!

A fan of bread spreads? This bakery has all the bread essentials you need! Expect a whole new experience of buttery goodness and fruitful flavours when you spread these condiments on. You should definitely try:

  • Raspberry Jam (Jam-packed with chunky & fresh raspberries)
  • Hummus (House-made chickpea hummus with garlic, tahini, lemon juice & virgin oil)
  • Seaweed Butter (Whipped butter with seaweed & sea salt)

It’s always cool to keep it simple once in a while with your toast slices. So when you pay them a visit, make sure to grab enough spread supplies for the week!

Bake your day right with these delectable baked goods!

Grab a loaf or two and shop for other crusty-licious pastries at Universal Bakehouse today!

View Universal Bakehouse’s menu and order now: https://universalbakehouse.beepit.com

Is Universal Bakehouse Halal-certified? Pork free

Location: 21, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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