10 Best Restaurants In Bukit Damansara

There’s no other suburb in Malaysia that’s as fabulous as Bukit Damansara.

Contrary to popular belief, Bukit Damansara is so much more than just luxurious homes and posh boutiques – you can find just about every type of cuisine you can imagine in this affluent neighbourhood.

So if you are a Bukit Damansara resident or if you happen to stumble upon the area, here are the 10 best restaurants for you to discover and fall in love with!

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1. Nourish by Kenny Hills Bakers

Nourish by Kenny Hills Bakery best restaurants cafe in Bukit Damansara Damansara Heights Beep Delivery Klang Valley food kl Peach Strudel Big Breakfast
Images via @nourishbykhb/Facebook

Bring out the inner kid in you by treating yourself to all sorts of comfort meals courtesy of Nourish by KHB. 

It’s the perfect place for a heavy brunch; and what better way to have it than on a beautiful day?

Besides their all day brunch specials such as the Big Breakfast and Vegan Viking, their critically acclaimed cakes and pastries are made to NOURISH your soul with yumminess!

Not to mention, their desserts are 100% gluten free and refined sugar free. So this café is the true embodiment of its name.

Here’s also what’s yummy:

  • Peach Strudel
  • Strawberry Tart
  • Almond Butter Chocolate Tart

View the Nourish by Kenny Hills Bakers menu and order now: nourishbykhb.beepit.com

2. Umameat

umameat best restaurants cafe in Bukit Damansara Damansara Heights Beep Delivery Klang Valley food kl bbq beef steaks ribeye malaysia
Images via @umameat/Facebook & John Ho/Google Maps

After recently relocating from Pavilion KL to Bukit Damansara, Umameat has quickly established itself as powerhouse in the world of smokey, delicious BBQ in the neighbourhood.

When coming here, expect to be blown away by a selection of high quality cuts and juicy steaks such as the Grass Ribeye, Grain Striploin and Grain Tenderloin. 

Unlike other steakhouse out there, Umameat focuses its efforts on giving their dishes an interesting Asian twist through the sauces incorporated and cooking methods used.

There’s also a nice mix of other mains that are worth the spare tummy space:

  • Roast Beef Sandwich
  • Beef Wraps
  • Smoked Brisket

If you had pick ONE of the 3, go for the Beef Wrap because there are so many scrumptious flavours literally all WRAPPED up in one.

View the Umameat menu and order now: umameat.beepit.com

3. Sam’s Plaza Batai

Sam's Plaza Batai best restaurants cafe in Bukit Damansara Damansara Heights Beep Delivery Klang Valley food kl chicken wings mutton classic
Images via Jim Tan/Google Maps & Sam’s@Batai/website

If you’re someone who wants to have a good time with friends over some refreshing drinks and succulent food, Sam’s Plaza Batai will welcome you with open arms.

The atmosphere here is very laid back, which makes it easier for you to unwind after a long day at work. 

On the contrary, the food served here will definitely wake your taste buds right up with their exciting flavours.

We highly recommend their Mexican pizzas if this is your first time here:

  • Mutton Classic 
  • Marinara Pizza
  • Italiano Classic

At Sam’s, mutton is a favourite protein of theirs. That is why their mutton curry and mutton fried rice are constantly on the tip of everyone’s tongue. 

View the Sam’s Plaza Batai menu and order now: samsplazabatai.beepit.com

4. Huckleberry

Huckleberry Food and Fare best restaurants cafe in Bukit Damansara Damansara Heights Beep Delivery Klang Valley food kl burnt cheesecake pastries desserts artisan bakery
Images via @MYHUCKLEBERRYKL/Facebook

Go on an epic culinary adventure by checking out Huckleberry Food and Fare!

We first need to take you through their everyday bakes and pastries, which are probably the first items you’d see when stepping into their store. 

The Huckleberry Burnt Cheesecake will pamper you and your tummy. Their artisan breads, which are all freshly baked from the oven are just as delightful.

Looking to have a meal that will quickly fill you up? Not to worry because they’ve got you covered with their breakfast meals and all day sandwiches.

Here’s what you should get as well:

  • Huckleberry Breakfast Burrito
  • Tuna Melt Toastie

View the Huckleberry menu and order now: huckleberrydamansaraheights.beepit.com

5. Birch KL

Birch KL best restaurants cafe in Bukit Damansara Damansara Heights Beep Delivery Klang Valley food kl Fish and Chips brunch truffle burger savoury foods
Images via @birchkl/Facebook

If you’re a fan of Huckleberry, then you’re in luck once again because Birch KL is brought to you by the same team behind Huckleberry. 

Located in Damansara City mall, this buzzing restaurant perfectly embodies the concept of refined comfort food. 

First of all, the interior is absolutely eye-catching with its greenhouse-inspired aesthetics and with Bukit Damansara as its backdrop, it doesn’t get more serene than that!

Expect to find all sorts of hearty dishes on their menu including the creamy Birch Benedict.

This dish has exciting new flavours incorporated into it thanks to the addition of spicy pulled chicken drenched in a special BBQ sauce.

Besides that, there are plenty of other tantalising selections for you to try:

  • Korean Fried Chicken Brioche
  • Truffle Burger
  • Fish & Chips

View the Birch KL menu and order now: birchkl.beepit.com

6. Halley by Wondermama

Halley by Wondermama best restaurants cafe in Bukit Damansara Damansara Heights Beep Delivery Klang Valley food kl dim sum halal pork free malaysia shrimp dumpling shu mai bbq puff
Images via Elli Rozlee/Google Maps & Vincent Tan/Google Maps

Next up, let’s head over to Halley by Wondermama for some quality dim sum with a modern twist.

Expect to chow down on their brilliant selection of PORK-FREE dim sum dishes all day long.

Look out for the classics that’s gone through a creative transformation, including:

  • Charcoal Crystal Shrimp Dumpling with Truffle Oil
  • Chicken & Shrimp Shu Mai with Black Tobiko
  • Shrimp & Scallop Dumpling (Premium Har Gao)

Moreover, their savoury bao dishes such as the Flaky BBQ Chicken Puff with Cheese are equally as delectable and they introduce a whole new layer of multigenerational flavours. 

These special puffs are crafted to take on various adorable shapes that will charm the pants out of anyone. Check out those cute little swans!

View the Halley by Wondermama menu and order now: halleybywondermama.beepit.com

7. Gin Rik Sha

Gin Rik Sha best restaurants cafe in Bukit Damansara Damansara Heights Beep Delivery Klang Valley food kl modern Indian restaurant kerala shrimp banana leaf baked sea bass mutton quesadilla
Images via @Ginriksha/Facebook

Let’s shift gears to something a little bit spicier. Welcome to Gin Rik Sha… Probably the most modern Indian restaurant there is out there!

Their innovations such as the Kerala Shrimp with Mantau Bun have all sorts of exotic Indian cuisine flavours well on display!

For those who are unfamiliar with Kerala Shrimp, it is spicy tamarind flavoured shrimp with roasted coconut and typically, it is served alongside rice. 

However, Gin Rik Sha changes this up and serves the shrimp with soft Chinese steamed buns instead.

Here are our other fan-favourite recommendations that pack a spicy punch:

  • Pan Roasted Mutton Quesadilla
  • Banana Leaf Baked Sea Bass
  • Butter Chicken Pizza

View the Gin Rik Sha menu and order now: ginriksha.beepit.com

8. Sid’s Pub

Sid's Pub best restaurants cafe in Bukit Damansara Damansara Heights Beep Delivery Klang Valley food kl British pub butter chicken uk food Sunday roast
Images via @sidspub/Instagram

Time to soak in some warm British hospitality! Sid’s Pub strives to create an atmosphere that’s as close to the vibe you get from a neighbourhood pub in the UK as possible. 

And thankfully, it succeeds in doing so as this place exudes a warm and friendly atmosphere thanks to the vibrant community of people it attracts.

As you might expect, Sid’s Pub ticks all the boxes when it comes to great pub food and drinks.

A British pub isn’t complete without its Sunday Roast. So be sure to order Sid’s Sunday Roast when you get the chance.

You also can’t go wrong with these hearty favourites:

  • Butter Chicken-65 Masala
  • Lamb Sausage Casserole

View the Sid’s Pub menu and order now: sidspubs.beepit.com

9. Meat the Porkers

Meat the Porkers best restaurants cafe in Bukit Damansara Damansara Heights Beep Delivery Klang Valley food kl biryani rice modern Indian food cheese naan
Images via @MeatThePorkers/Facebook & Sheila Suppiah/Google Maps

Siew Yoke Biryani? Bacon Cheese Naan?

It’s more likely than not you’ve never heard of these dishes before. Well, not until Meat the Porkers came into the picture…

Pork dishes aren’t exactly common in Indian cooking but this trendsetting Indian restaurant pushes the envelope by placing pork center stage of its menu.

As hinted before, their Siew Yoke Biryani is their superstar dish. It’s loaded with slices of tender pork belly that’s infused in a fragrant pile of biryani rice.

But what makes this dish truly special is the fact that the crispy pork crackling is served separately from the rice to preserve its crispiness for you to enjoy once you combine the two elements. 

Other must haves include:

  • Bacon Cheese Naan
  • Tandoori Pork Ribs
  • Palak Paneer

View the Meat the Porkers menu and order now: meattheporkers.beepit.com

10. Kinme Sashimi and Grill Bar

Kinme Sashimi and Grill Bar best restaurants cafe in Bukit Damansara Damansara Heights Beep Delivery Klang Valley food kl Japanese food maki sushi Malaysia steak don kuro don
Images via @kinmerestaurant/Facebook

You can’t stop by the cool neighbourhood of Bukit Damansara and not treat yourself to some fresh and cool maki from the glossy Kinme Sashimi and Grill Bar.

Their maki dishes come in the following varieties:

  • Yakiniku Maki
  • Soft Shell Crab Maki
  • Ebiten Maki
  • California Maki

Nothing is spared in terms of quality ingredients and the amount of effort that goes into making these popular sushi rolls. 

As for the main course, you’ll most certainly be spoiled for choice as there are plenty of rice and noodle dishes that are masterfully prepared by Kinme’s talented chefs.

Beep recommends:

  • Gyu Steak Don (with Grass-fed Beef)
  • Teppan Kuro Buta Don

View the Kinme Sashimi and Grill Bar menu and order now: kinmerestaurant.beepit.com

A charming neighbourhood for foodies

Whether you’re looking to have breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, there’s something for everyone here.

From fine dining staples to comfort food establishments, Bukit Damansara is brimming with restaurants that are worthy of your visit and most importantly, they won’t break your buck.

And if this neighbourhood is not within your reach, you can always get their delectable dishes delivered to you now!

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