13 Top Restaurants In KL That Bring You Everywhere This MCO 2.0

Are you getting spiritless for not getting to travel during this pandemic and MCO? Well, fret not! These 13 top restaurants in KL are here to take you on an adventure from country to country through their moreish food! 

Time to get drooling with the amazing food from these top restaurants in KL! 

1. Work@holic

Images via @workaholicmy/Instagram 

Work@holic started off intending to encourage workaholics to thrive through their day with satisfactory food. Their passion and love for serving top-notch coffee is undeniable. 

And if you’re not a coffee addict, they have kombucha to boost your immune system! 

Images via @workaholicmy/Instagram 

Did I forget to mention their Skinny Pizza? 

Their Skinny Pizzas are known to be low-carb! To give you the best Italian experience, their pizza sauce is made in-house using Italian tomatoes and other quality ingredients. 

Here are some flavours you wouldn’t want to miss: 

  • Sriracha Beef Pizza    
  • Kinoko Pizza 

Don’t forget to order their Hasselhoff Sourdough Loaf or Olive Jalapeno Focaccia Loaf while getting your caffeine!  

View the Work@holic menu and order now: passionateperformanceenterprise.beepit.com


Images via @ShuckedOysterBars/Facebook

Have you ever seen Instagram posts of how people would travel to Sydney Fish Market or South Melbourne Market just to gulp down a dozen of fresh oysters? 

Well, you don’t have to be bitter about it anymore! SHUCKED has got your back. 

SHUCKED is one of the best restaurants in KL that serves premium fresh oysters and gourmet food that allows you to experience the taste of the sea in your mouth. Their fresh and gigantic oysters are definitely worth a try.

Not fancy enough? Order a glass of champagne or Chablis to go with it, then we’ll talk. 

Images via @shuckedoysterbars/Instagram

They too serve dishes such as Prawn Cocktail Salad, Seafood Paella, Angel Hair Mussels Laksa and many more. 

The list goes on! You would just have to go through their menu and pick your choice.  

View the SHUCKED menu and order now: shucked.beepit.com

3. Meat Online by Meatology

Image via @meatologyKL/Facebook 

Meatology is owned by the Gourmand Award Winner, Chef Yenni Law. Known for plating up high-quality meat for food lovers, you’ll definitely not be disappointed by the tenderness and juiciness of the meat that’s served to you! 

They focus on all kinds of protein, from their indisputably easy to chew steak, crackling crispy siew yuk (roast pork) to their Award Winning duck breast.

Images via @meatology/Facebook 

It does not stop there! Meatology has levelled up their game by adding a Malaysian twist to their menu up with Nasi Lemak Sedap Gila Barbie and Smoked Duck Roasted Rice.

View the Meat Online by Meatology menu and order now: meatology.beepit.com

4. Döner Haus

Image via @donerhauspublika/Instagram

Ready for Germany? Döner Haus is a German Street Food restaurant in KL that specialises in kebabs and flatbreads. Yum! 

The variety of protein options to have in your kebabs and flatbreads is just mind-blowing!

If you are not sure what to order, try these: 

  • Lamb Kebab
  • Mix (Chicken and Beef) Kebab 
  • Burrito Black Bean (if you’re a vegan!) 
Images via @donerhauspublika/Instagram

What’s even more attractive is that Döner Haus has set meals on their menu. And now your lunch or dinner is well taken care of.   

P/S: They are serving Apple Fritters for desserts too! And I’m telling you, it’s THE bomb. 

View the Döner Haus menu and order now: donerhaus.beepit.com

5. The Humble Food Company

Images via @thehumblefoodco/Instagram

Before we dive into appreciating their mouth-watering food, let’s take a minute to acknowledge the good deeds that The Humble Food Company has done. 

During the first MCO, this restaurant was distributing free food to those families that were affected. Weeks ago, they participated in Beep’s #ShareAMeal campaign to give back to the community.

The Humble Food Company is well known for quality food at affordable prices. Have you tried their Kam Heong Pasta? This is one of their best selling dishes that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Images via @thehumblefoodco/Instagram

Here are some popular dishes to order: 

  • Humble Mac
  • Kam Heong Pasta 
  • Chicken Pita with Garlic Mayo 

There’s just too many to list lah. So pick your favourite and satisfy your tummy. 

View The Humble Food Company menu and order now: humblefoodholdings.beepit.com

6. Pause Cafe

Images via @pausecafe_kl/Instagram

Speaking about Instagrammable cafes, Pause Cafe makes it to the list! This hidden gem in KL thrives to slow people down from their fast-paced lifestyles while sipping their handcrafted beverages. 

Be sure to visit the cafe when we go back to the old normal, but for now, you can have their delicacies delivered to you. 

You can get your fancy breakfast – Ham & Cheesy Toast, Korean-inspired dish – Kimchi Lard Rice with Fried Egg or even Lat Zi Gai (Spicy Chicken) Rice if you’re craving Chinese here at Pause Cafe. 

Images via @pausecafe_kl/Instagram

If you have a sweet tooth, they have a variety of cakes, such as Watermelon Cake, Hojicha Burnt Cheesecake and Japanese Tofu Cheesecake. 

View the Pause Cafe menu and order now: pausecafe.beepit.com


Images via @popseatery/Instagram

If you claim to be a foodie, you have to know POP’S EATERY! They are one of the most well-known restaurants in KL that has won numerous hearts.

At POP’S, they serve a variety of comfort food ranging from burgers, pasta, nasi lemak, chicken rice and even porridge.

If you are too overwhelmed with their selections, here are some of our recommendations: 

  • 2X Nasi Lemak POP’S A.G.B. 
  • Spicy Cream Cheese Pasta 
  • Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger 
Images via @popseatery/Instagram

Hands down this is the heaven for you cheese lovers out there! They have Creamy Mac and Cheese, Salted Egg Yolk Cheese Fries, Spicy Cheezy Fried Chicken Wings, and many more. We refuse to be called spoilers so check them out yourself. 

View the POP’S EATERY menu and order now: popseatery.beepit.com


Images via @fowlboyskl/Instagram

Who says no to burgers? Or who would say no to a FOWLBOYS burger? 

This is not your ordinary burger with the buns are thicker than the meat. At FOWLBOYS, the generosity of the size of meat and amount of sauces will make you drool just by looking at it. 

Bless yourself with these burgers: 

  • O.G. Sandwich  
  • Motherclucker 
  • The Crunkberry 

Not a fan of shoestring fries? Opt for Curly Fries or Waffles Fries!

Want something rich? Get their Cheesy Thots! 

Images via @fowlboyskl/Instagram

They do not stop there. FOWLBOYS is also serving their famous jumbo juicy fried chicken with waffles, taking you on an adventure to the United States. 

View the FOWLSBOYS menu and order now: fowlboys.beepit.com

9. BANNGKOK Street Food

Image via @banngkok/Instagram

Have you been looking forward to your next Bangkok trip to get your Mango Sticky Rice and Thai Milk Tea cravings fixed? Well, we have good news! 

Images via @banngkok/Instagram

BANNGKOK Street Food is now available for you to Beep these sweet yet savoury delicacies to your door. With over 50 items on the menu, we definitely recommend trying these dishes: 

  • MAMA THALEY (Maggi Tom Yam) 
  • KUAI LAI PII (Striploin Boat Noodle) 
  • Cheese Nutella Banana Pancake 

Not sure what’s missing? You forgot to order Coconut Ice Cream and Cha O Yen to complete your meal. 

View the BANNGKOK Street Food menu and order now: banngkokstreetfood.beepit.com

10. TGG Publika (The Good Guys)

Image via @tggpublika/Instagram

If you’re a beer drinker, you would be familiar with TGG Publika. They offer the widest range of draught beers in KL.

Aside from the must-have finger food such as Luncheon Meat Fries, Karaage Chicken, Truffle Fries and Fried Chicken Skin, they serve main course too! 

If you want to spice things up, order their Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong or TGG Siew Yoke Tom Yum Noodles.

Images via @tggpublika/Instagram

Try some of the items here:

  • TGG Pad Thai Sambal  with Crab Meat
  • Mee Goreng with Chicken Skewers
  • The Good Burgers

View the TGG Publika menu and order now: thegoodguys.beepit.com

11. NEWSTART Health Kitchen

Images via @newstarthealthkitchen/Facebook

There are two periods of the year that people constantly want to live healthily and lose weight – New Year and MCO. What a coincidence that these two are happening at the same time! 

Stop daydreaming and make that happen with ordering from NEWSTART Health Kitchen. Aside from your normal greens and salads, NEWSTART Health Kitchen prepares their dishes in a variety of ways so you’ll never get bored!

Images via @newstarthealthkitchen/Facebook 

If you want a taste of Asia, they have Chinese Claypot Tofu Ginger Multi-grain Rice or Organic Black Bean Noodle Soup. Get their Classic Tomato Spaghetti or Walnut Oat Patty Wrap if you’re feeling Western. Either or, it’s equally delicious! 

You can end your meal with some desserts that Malaysians love: 

  • Fresh Banana Almond Ice Cream 
  • Red Dates Longan Sea Coral 
  • Tau Hua 

View the NEWSTART Health Kitchen menu and order now: nhk.beepit.com

12. SALA KL Restaurant

Images via @sala.kl/Instagram

SALA KL is one of the few vegan restaurants that are popular on Instagram. From burritos to salad and even to desserts, they are 100% vegan. 

Their homemade Falafels is a dish that you must order when you visit them. The combination of falafels and hummus with a slight pitch of tahini and harissa sauce, better love story than Twilight. 

Images via @sala.kl/Instagram 

Here are some of their best sellers: 

  • Chimichanga 
  • Mushroom Asada 
  • Bagel Burger

Is it possible to get vegan dishes to taste equally as good? Well, it sure is possible with SALA KL.

One side note, SALA KL has special dishes every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, so be sure to add them into your cart! 

View the SALA KL Restaurant menu and order now: salakualalumpur.beepit.com

13. Fun Kee Bamboo Noodle

Images via @junna/Junnablog, @lijing/OpenRice

After all that travelling, it’s important to return and indulge in our kopitiam delicacies. 

Amongst the local KL restaurants, Fun Kee Bamboo is well known for its dry and soup noodles. 

For their Wanton Mee, there are more than 10 flavours to choose from, with Mushroom and Chicken Feet Wanton Mee as their best seller. That’s crazy! 

Just the thought of slurping the noodles while scrolling through TikTok makes me happy. 

View the Fun Kee Bamboo menu and order now: funkee.beepit.com

Spot something that excites you amongst these top restaurants in KL? 

Then Beep your way through and order now! All you have to do is #StayHomeLah and relax, while Beep delivers your food straight to your doorstep!

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