Chicken Royale (Cheras): Check Out Their Giant Nasi Arab Platter With Cheese Leleh

Are you a big fan of Peri Peri Chicken? Chicken Royale is without a doubt the right place to satisfy your chicken cravings!

You’ll find the most tender, juicy and flavourful roasted chicken to indulge in!

What makes it superior is the generous amount of cheese leleh that it’s served with!

The legendary food truck journey

Fun fact! Chicken Royale began operating 4 years ago on a single food truck, by selling only 10 to 20 roasted chickens per day.

As the years went by, it became the talk of the town!

Chicken Royale now has a restaurant in Cheras located at 47 Jalan Suarasa 8/3, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn.

Chicken Royale’s perfect recipe to goodness

When roasted chicken is mentioned, all that comes to mind is its crisp, fresh skin, and the delicate and succulent texture of the meat.

And on top of all that, Chicken Royale’s roasted chicken comes with melted grilled CHEESE!

At Chicken Royale, the famous Peri Peri Chicken is baked fresh daily to ensure that the authenticity of the marinade is savoured. 

Pair the Peri Peri Chicken with their Nasi Arab for an outstanding combination!

As it is cooked with a variety of rich ingredients, your dining experience is sure to be particularly special!

The heavenly Bersiong Platter Set

Fear of missing out? Give Chicken Royale a visit and try out their best seller, the Bersiong Set! 

Bring your friends, bring your family! This is positively something that you’ll want to enjoy with your loved ones. 

The Bersiong Set comes in a large platter tray that can serve up to 6-8 pax for those looking for an unforgettable experience.

And yes, it is as good as it looks! Curious of what the set includes? Let us list it all down for you. 

The celebrated Bersiong set includes their best seller, Peri Peri Chicken, topped with a generous amount of melted grilled cheese and their famous Nasi Arab, as well as nuggets, fries, and wedges!

The savoury affair doesn’t just stop there

Apart from their glorious Bersiong set, there’s so much Chicken Royale still has to offer. 

Images via @chicken_royale/Instagram

Here are a few more menu items that are sure to be a hit: 

  • Parameswara Special
  • Burger Parameswara
  • Mahawangsa Special
  • Set Sapurba (Kambing Krispy) 
  • Set Tribuana (Chicken Wings)

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! 

Our apologies, as we forgot to warn you that reading this might leave a side effect of hunger.

This is the sign for you to try Chicken Royale now!

View the Chicken Royale menu and order now:

Is Chicken Royale Halal-Certified? Yes it is.


  • Off Persiaran Suarasa 2, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn (Food Truck)
  • 47 Jalan Suarasa 8/3, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn (Restaurant)

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