Ramadan 2021: 13 Places With “Gift A Rider Collection” To Belanja Your Food Delivery Riders

The Gift A Rider Collection on Beep was created exclusively for you to treat your food delivery riders this Ramadan 2021.

These 13 places in Klang Valley don’t only allow you to feed yourself BUT also your food delivery rider. By doing this, you’ll get to show your appreciation to the riders as they’re trying their best to deliver your Buka Puasa meal on time!

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1. Chicken Royale

Chicken Royale started from a small food truck in 2019 and has expanded to its second branch as a restaurant in the same area, Cheras. 

They’re well-known for their distinctive chicken recipe and the thrilling concept of combining Ayam Peri Peri – the Nandos-style chicken, with Arabic Rice baked with Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese. 

Besides that, they also have other side dishes, like fries, wedges, coleslaw, etc., that complement each menu item very well. AND this makes their food very fulfilling which is why Chicken Royale is a good choice for your Iftar meal after a day-long fast.

Here are the most popular dishes you should try:

  • Nasi Teja (RM13)
  • Ayam Peri Peri – Suku (RM8)
  • Burger Parameswara (RM21)
  • Set Sapurba – Kambing Krispy (RM26)
  • Set Tribuana – Chicken Wings (RM24)

And let’s not forget about our food delivery riders. Chicken Royale also offers the collection on Beep that allows you to give back to your riders with some refreshing drinks!

Chicken Royale’s Gift A Rider Collection:

  • Mineral Water (RM2)
  • Air Tebu (RM8)

View the Chicken Royale menu and order now: chickenroyale.beepit.com

2. Sate Rono

Demanded by its popularity, Sate Rono is now offering their food in two locations; Kajang and Simpang Balak. This satay shop has been the crowd’s favourite since its first launch in 1917.

They offer a wide range of delicious satay and local delights, namely chicken satay, beef satay, lamb satay, and together with rice and noodles.

Not only serving good satay and various menu items, but all the dishes here at Sate Rono are reasonably priced as well. Their price range is between  RM1 to RM8.50, which is considered cheap for both locals and tourists. 

As a result, this will be the most affordable option for your Buka Puasa meal.

The best sellers you CAN’T miss:

  • Sate Kambing (RM1.91)
  • Sate Daging (RM1.48)
  • Sate Ayam (RM1.06)
  • Bakso (RM4.80)
  • Hailam RONO ala Banseng (RM8.50)

Can’t resist these local yummies from Sate Rono? Just stay in and get it delivered to your doorstep! 

But wait! Remember sharing is caring? Feed your riders with good sate too, so they have something to enjoy after sending your Buka Puasa  meal.

Sate Rono’s Gift A Rider Collections:

Simpang Balak Branch:

  • Sate Combo (RM8)
  • Nasi Ayam (RM5)

Bandar Kajang Branch:

  • Sate Combo (RM8)
  • Set Ayam Kampung Berempah (RM8)

View the Sate Rono menu and order now: saterono.beepit.com

3. Sate Hut

Another satay shop you can order in for Iftar this Ramadan 2021 is Sate Hut. They’re now serving satay lovers in 3 locations; Rawang, Pristana, and Kelana Jaya. So, you can find the branch nearest to you and get it ready for your meals.

Apart from satay, Sate Hut also offers a wide range of good local food – Mee Kari, Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah, Laksa, etc., which are also best for Suhoor and Buka Puasa.

Want more ideas for your Iftar meals?

Here are drool-worthy dishes everyone loves at Sate Hut:

  • Sate Kambing (RM2.10)
  • Sate Daging (RM1.40)
  • Sate Ayam (RM1.120)
  • Mee Kari (RM7)
  • Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah (RM6.50)

Looking for a meal to surprise your delivery rider for their Iftar meal too? Sate Hut has very fulfilling menu items for you to give them as well! How lovely!

Sate Hut’s Gift A Rider Collection:

  • Mee Kari (RM7)
  • Nasi Lemak Telur Mata (RM4)

View the Sate Hut menu and order now: satehut2020.beepit.com

4. Sree Biryani.Com

Sree Biryani.com is widely known for its best authentic South Indian dishes, especially their wide selections of Biryani  rice.

This place can be your go-to option for Iftar meals as you’ll always have a variety of food to choose from.

Like their Biryani rice, there are up to  29 dishes for you to enjoy! So this is definitely a must-try this Ramadan if you’re a big fan of Indian food.

What’s best to try here is definitely their Biryani rice, and these are highly recommended:

  • Hyderabad Chicken Dum Biryani (RM13)
  • Chicken Fry Piece Biryani (RM14)
  • Rayalaseema Chicken Biryani (RM15)
  • Mutton Biryani (RM17)
  • Chicken 65 Biryani (RM16)

Besides, what’s amazing is that you can now gift back and order a Biryani dish for your food delivery rider too! 

Sree Biryani.com’s Gift A Rider Collection:

  • Complimentary Biryani (RM8)

View the Sree Biryani.Com menu and order now: sreebiryanicom.beepit.com

5. Najia’s Pakistani Tawa And Grill

This authentic Pakistani restaurant will satisfy your curry cravings! Najia Pakistani Tawa And Grill serves you fresh and taste-like-home dishes which are perfect for your Buka Puasa time!

AND if you’re already into curry houses like Indian food, it’s time to explore a new option like Pakistani food too!

Here at Najia’s Pakistani Tawa And Grill, you’ll never get bored of their food selections. They offer everything from Biryani to spicy curries and vegetables to fluffy Naans.

So if you’re planning your Iftar meal, these are the best dishes you should try here:

  • Beef Nihari (RM29)
  • Karachi Mutton Biryani (RM32)
  • Sindhi Chicken Biryani (RM25)
  • Mixed Chaat – Lalukhait Style (RM16)
  • Naan (RM4)

Feel like sharing some good food with your rider too? Refer to the collection below and add it to your cart now!

Najia’s Pakistani Tawa And Grill’s Gift A Rider Collection:

  • Sindhi Chicken Biryani with Soft Drink (RM16.90)

View the Najia’s Pakistaniawa And Grill menu and order now: najiaspakistanitawaandgrill.beepit.com


FOWLBOYS is where you find the best Southern style fried chicken, burgers, and waffles – all in one place. 

Their crispy buttermilk fried chicken and fluffy burger buns are packed in flavours and truly ideal for your empty stomach. 

Moreover, each dish at FOWLBOYS comes with a reasonable portion and an affordable price. So you won’t need to break the bank whenever you break your fast!

Don’t know where to start? Their best sellers will never disappoint you.

AND here are popular items you should check out:

  • Motherclucker – Combo (RM26)
  • O.G. Sandwich – Combo (RM24)
  • Tender Lovin’ (RM14)
  • Get Wrecked – Combo (RM26)
  • Raise The Batter (RM18)

To give you an option to celebrate Ramadan 2021 better, FOWLBOYS also provides you a set meal below where you can save your rider from hunger too! Head over to the collection and order now. 

FOWLBOYS’s Gift A Rider Collection:

  • O.G. Sandwich (RM16.50)

View the FOWLBOYS menu and order now: fowlboys.beepit.com 

7. Coroboy

Looking for new ideas for your Iftar meal? Coroboy is here to give you the best Buka Puasa time with their fresh shell outs and delicious food!

Whether you’re craving for rice or desserts, Coroboy has a variety to choose from! You can enjoy everything from their main dishes like Buttermilk Chicken Rice, Carbonara, Tom Yum Soup to yummy desserts such as their signature parfait, milkshakes, and many more!

Alternatively, these are some bestsellers at Coroboy if you’re not sure what to order:

  • The Legendary – Coboroy Shell Out (RM20)
  • New Addiction-Salted Egg Buttermilk Chicken (RM12)
  • All Time Favourite – Premium Buttermilk Chicken (RM8)
  • Spaghetti Carbonara (RM10)
  • Coboroy Favourite – Sambal Udang Petai (RM90)

Not to mention your rider meals, Coroboy also offers some fragrant and tasty chicken which is perfect for their Buka Puasa meals.

Coroboy’s Gift A Rider Collection:

  • Buttermilk Chicken (RM8)
  • Chili Chicken (RM6)

View the Coroboy menu and order now: coboroy.beepit.com

8. The Humble Food Company

Don’t know what to order for your Buka Puasa dinner? The Humble Food Company offers you the best culinary journey at home with their mouthwatering Asian & Western Fusion recipes.

To celebrate Ramadan 2021 better, this place also curated their menu items called “Ramadhan Specials” which you can enjoy individually or share with your family and friends.

They exclusively offer both local dishes and western selections with affordable prices in this collection, so that you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to your Iftar meals.

Not sure what to pick?

Check out these highlighted dishes for your awesome Buka Puasa time:

  • Sharing Platter for 3 – 4 pax (RM99)
  • Set 1: Large Chicken Percik Pasta Combo (RM29.90)
  • Set 2: Grilled Chicken with Percik Sauce (RM29.90)
  • Set 3: Laksa Johor (RM29.90)
  • Chicken Percik Spaghetti (RM9.90)

Guess what’s better than enjoying your Iftar meal? It’s the blessing of giving a delectable meal to someone! That’s why The Humble Food Company also provides you an option to feed your rider on Beep! 

The Humble Food Company’s Gift A Rider Collection:

  • TPC Chicken Aglio Olio (RM7.90)
  • Chicken Pita (RM4.90)

View the The Humble Food Company menu and order now: humblefoodholdings.beepit.com

9. Mios Kitchen

Another Iftar heaven place is Mios Kitchen! They specially cater for Ramadan 2021 and deliver to your house too!

This delicious and affordable restaurant serves you various collections of Ramadan set meals and drinks which allows you indulge in a variety of heavenly local and western selections.

Whether you’re craving for rice, Laksa, Grilled Chicken Chop, Carbonara, or Rendang, you’ll get it fixed here at Mios Kitchen.

Thinking of tasty Buka Puasa meals right now? See these Ramadan food sets for your yummy dinner:

  • Grilled Barbeque Sirloin Steak Ramadhan (RM29.90)
  • Laksa Utara Ramadhan (RM10.90)
  • Combo Yop Ramadhan (RM60.90)
  • Nasi Buttermilk Chicken Ramadhan (RM15.90)
  • Mios Bubur Ayam Ramadhan (RM9.90)

Now you’re settled with a Buka Puasa meal idea from Mios Kitchen, which means you can just relax and order in to break your fast. Fortunately, you can now offer your rider a Ramadan meal when they deliver your food as well. Just check out the collection below and add your preferred option for your rider. Happy meal!

Mios Kitchen’s Gift A Rider Collection:

  • Bubur Ayam Ramadan (RM9.90)
  • Sirap Bandung Laici (RM6.90)

View the Mios Kitchen menu and order now: mioskitchen.beepit.com

10. Burger Bakar Abang Burn

Burger Bakar Abang Burn, the “bakar” or “burn” expert is also here to serve you and your food delivery rider this Ramadan. If you miss their grilled dishes and are salivating, just thinking about it, it’s time to order in for your Iftar feast! 

What’s best for breaking fast here? The answer is EVERYTHING! Everyone loves their chewy grilled fish and meat like Siakap (Barramundi), Sotong (Squid), Kambing (Lamb), etc.

Each dish is marinated with homemade sauces and grilled nicely on the griddle. Thus, you’ll definitely enjoy these tasty juicy grills at every bite. Just imagine having it with hot rice, and your stomach will start growling.

Craving for some Bakar from Burger Bakar Abang Burn now? 

These are must-tries that you shouldn’t miss out on for your Buka Puasa:

  • BBQ Night Box for 4 – 6 pax (RM99.90)
  • Talam Bakar Ikan Kahwin for 3 – 4 pax (RM89)
  • Western Longgok Box for 2 – 3 pax (RM39.90)
  • Set Sotong Gergasi Bakar (RM32.90)
  • Set Kambing Bakar (RM22.90)

Additionally, you can have your Puka Puasa meal more happily when you give back a good meal to someone delivering the food to you. So choose one of the menu items and gift your rider now.

Burger Bakar Abang Burn’s Gift A Rider Collection:

  • Meatball & Wedges (RM10.95)
  • John Bakar Original (RM10.90)

View the Burger Bakar Abang Burn menu and order now: burgerabangburn.beepit.com 

11. PappaGrill

PappaGrill is a grilled food concept restaurant that’s well-known for their fusion western food. Likewise, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a lot of yummy grilled selections, from a single serving to a sharing platter.

Check out their Sirloin steak and sizzling lamb chop if you’d love to eat something tender and juicy for Iftar. These will make your empty tummy happy and ready for the next fasting.

And if you’re asking what’s good to try here, the list will be too long to mention. Thus, you should check out their must-tries below when you first order in for your Buka Puasa:

  • Barbarian Sirloin Signature (RM42.90)
  • Sirloin Steak (RM39.90)
  • Seafood Spaghetti Marinara (RM25.90)
  • PappaGrill Beef Burger (RM17.90)
  • Pappa Chicken Grill (RM15.90)

To highlight the good part of ordering in this Ramadan 2021, PappaGrill provides a nice food choice for your rider as well. That means you can add any of the following in your basket and checkout for your food delivery rider. How awesome!

PappaGrill’s Gift A Rider Collection:

  • Chicken Sausage with Fries (RM12.90)
  • Nasi Lemak Chicken Chop (RM12.90)

View the PappaGrill menu and order now: pappagrill.beepit.com

12. Jaslyn Cakes Mont Kiara

From a small bakery in Bangsar to a bigger cake shop in Mont Kiara, Jaslyn Cakes has proven their dessert reputation as a great delight for sweet tooths.

They have all you need to break your fast from freshly baked cakes, aromatic coffee, and nice tea!

You’ll also love the variety of pastries they have to offer like Chocolate Croissants, Dew Pumpkin Loaf, and B. Berry Bran Muffin, which you can order in for your Suhoor.

So, if you’re looking for moist and mellow desserts for your Ramadhan meals, these best-selling items from Jaslyn Cakes Mont Kiara will be perfect:

  • Pistachio Cake Slice (RM17.91)
  • Lemon Curd Cake (RM16.43)
  • Salty Valrhona Brownie (RM12.72)
  • Banana Yoghurt Loaf Slice (RM9.54)
  • Victoria Sponge (RM16.96)

No kuih, no problem! These pastries are best for your dessert time too! And together with this, you can now give a sweet treat for your rider who helps you get your cravings fixed. What are you waiting for? Let’s order in some goodies and surprise your rider with some biscuits now! 

Jaslyn Cakes Mont Kiara’s Gift A Rider Collection:

  • Jammy Biscuit (RM5.30)

View the Jaslyn Cakes Mont Kiara menu and order now: jaslyncakesmk.beepit.com

13. Krispy Kreme

Let’s make your fasting month a little bit sweeter with Krispy Kreme! They’re offering your all time favourite doughnuts in so many drool-worthy collections.

Moreover, the doughnuts are very fulfilling. That’s why these O-shaped desserts are one of the most popular desserts yet nice to start and end our day with during your fasting month.

AND to make your Ramadan 2021 more enjoyable, they also have several Ramadan treats that you can delight in after your Buka Puasa meals.

These are must-tries at Krispy Kreme during this fasting season:

  • Ramadan Box of 3 (RM12.18)
  • Ketayap Doughnut (RM4.06)
  • Almond London Doughnut (RM4.06)
  • Eid Keupat Doughnut (RM4.06)

And to thank your delivery rider, Krispy Kreme also offers the most popular doughnuts in their collection below. So you can order and give something back when they’re trying their best to make your Ramadan dessert o’clock  smooth.

Krispy Kreme’s Gift A Rider Collection:

  • Original Glazed (RM3.20)
  • Chocolate Dream (RM3.70)

View the Krispy Kreme menu and order now: krispykremedoughnuts.beepit.com

Ready to order in your Buka Puasa meal and gift a rider now?

Head over to beepit.com or your Beep app to enjoy 20% OFF from #BersamaBeep collection and feed your rider with some good food with Gift A Rider Collection now!

Let’s do some good deeds this Ramadan 2021 and show your appreciation to your rider for making sure you get to have your favourite Iftar food on time or not so late!

Want good food delivered to your doorstep? Just Beep it!

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