10 Best Thai Restaurants in Klang Valley [2021]

Sawasdee ka – the best Thai restaurants in Klang Valley are here! Whether you’re craving Pad Krapow, Pad Thai, Som Tum, or other Thai-licious favourites, this list is sure to leave you satisfied.

Ready? Check out our 10 best Thai food places now! 
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1. Malai Thai Cuisine

Malai Thai Cuisine brings together traditional Thai recipes with a modern twist! Its wide array of dishes and bold flavours are sure to surprise. It’s Muslim-friendly AND vegetarian options are available as well, which is why it’s a go-to for Thai food connoisseurs.

Their most popular dishes include:

  • Mango Sticky Rice
  • Tom Yum
  • Pad Krapow
  • Prawn Pad Thai
  • Geang Keaw Wan

Prices here range between RM15 and RM50, which is considered very reasonable for the ingredients and quality of food they offer. It’s located right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, so be sure to check it out! 

FUN FACT: Malai refers to a traditional Thai floral garland which is offered or kept for good luck.

Check out the Malai Thai Cuisine menu and order now: https://malaithai.beepit.com/

2. Thai Moment

If you’re looking for great Thai BBQ, we highly recommend Thai Moment. Apart from their renowned Thai BBQ sets, they also offer a wide range of add-ons that complement every meal, including crispy bean curd, seafood, meatballs and more.

We can’t stop raving about how affordable it is too – it starts from only RM59.90 for 2 pax and RM99.90 for 4-5 pax! 

P.S. They also serve other ala carte Thai dishes that you can savour for lunch and dinner. 

Looking for the best Thai restaurants? Give in to your cravings by enjoying a little Thai Moment!

Check out the Thai Moment menu and order now: https://tmusj10.beepit.com/ 

3. Thai Arch Kitchen & Bar

Thai Arch Kitchen & Bar’s menu items elevate the whole dining experience, regardless of whether you’re enjoying them at home or in-store. This extraordinary restaurant offers authentic Thai food and all the drinks you need to unwind, such as beer, cocktails, and wine.

They pride themselves in their passion for Thai food and culture, making them a favourite among patrons around Kuala Lumpur. Prices here range from RM30 – RM40.

Here are some of their must-tries!

  • Lala Clam with Sake & Bentong Ginger
  • The Arch Plate
  • Chicken with Cashew Nuts
  • Mixed Seafood Clear Tum Yum 
  • Prawn Omelette

Check out the Thai Arch Kitchen & Bar menu and order now: https://thearch.beepit.com/ 

4. Thai Tae Kuchai Lama

Thai Tae Kuchai Lama is well-known for their bold and spicy flavours. In fact, many Thai expatriates in the Klang Valley have claimed that this is the most authentic Thai food in town, even reminding them of home cooked flavours!

Their grilled pork neck and Som Tum (Papaya Salad) comes at the top of our recommendations list. You also wouldn’t want to miss out on their other must-try dishes:

  • Thai Style 3 Types Pork Set
  • Salmon Spicy Salad
  • Somtam with Shrimp
  • Tom Saap
  • Boat Noodle

Prices here range between RM13 and RM70.

FUN FACT: Thai Tae means “real Thai” or “authentic Thai”, so you can be assured of its authenticity! 

Check out the Thai Tae Kuchai Lama menu and order now: https://thaitaekuchai.beepit.com/

5. Pee Chai Thai Kitchen

If you miss Thai street food, we’ve got you covered. Pee Chai Thai at Scott Garden, Old Klang Road is where you’ll find delicious and affordable Thai food!

With their wide selection of menu items – rice, noodles, and even appetisers, they’ve got all you’re craving and more. Our favourite is their Raw Shrimp in Fish Sauce; we absolutely love the crispness and freshness of raw shrimp combined with the unique pairing of fish sauce and bitter gourd. Perfect for snack time! 

Other popular menu items that you should try are:

  • Grilled Tiger Prawn
  • Deep Fried Shrimp Cake
  • Deep Fried Chicken Cartilage with Sesame
  • Grilled Pork Stick (Moo Ping)
  • Grilled Pork Neck. 

Prices here range between RM10 and RM30, so you can keep your tummy happy without hurting your wallet! So if you’re looking for the best Thai restaurants in KL or Klang Valley, this is where you go!

Check out the Pee Chai Thai Kitchen menu and order now: https://peechaithaikitchen.beepit.com/ 

6. AROI Mak Mak Thai Restaurant

Did you know that Aroi in Thai means “delicious” or “yummy”, and Mak Mak means “so much”? Aroi Mak Mak means “so yummy”, and it is!

True to its name, AROI Mak Mak does not disappoint. All of their main ingredients are imported from Thailand to ensure that they retain authenticity in its flavours. They also hand-pick local produce too, so rest assured that they’re fresh and wholesome! 

We recommend their:

  • BBQ Porky Set
  • Tom Yum Thick Seafood
  • Pomelo Salad
  • Larb Moo
  • Pomelo Salad

The best part is that the list above is just a small part of their extensive menu, and the price range varies from just RM10 to RM60. What a steal!

Check out the AROI Mak Mak Thai Restaurant menu and order now: https://aroimakmakpj.beepit.com/

7. Mr Thai Street Food

Another Thai street food restaurant that you need to check out is Mr Thai Street Food. They serve neither pork nor lard in their cooking, making it Muslim-friendly and popular among foodies in Shah Alam.

What we love about Mr Thai Street Food is their big portions, which is the perfect choice for those planning to have a feast. 

Our favourites are their Fried Fish with Spicy Thai Sauce and Steamed Fish with Lime Sauce, made from fresh fish. They’re full of flavour and perfect for any meal! Don’t miss out on these other favourites as well:

  • Tomyum Seafood Red Soup
  • Pandan Chicken
  • Crispy Sotong
  • Green Curry Chicken in Coconut Milk
  • Mango Salad

Prices here are reasonable, ranging from RM7 – RM50.

Check out the Mr Thai Street Food menu and order now: https://mrthaistreetfood.beepit.com/ 

8. Streat Thai

Streat Thai serves up authentic Thai street food peppered with a dash of fun – reminiscent of the vibrant cultures of Thailand. The star of the show is their exceptional service and wide variety of menu options, ranging from Som Tum, Pad Thai, BBQ, Tom Yum, and more!

It’s difficult for us to pick which of their menu items we love best because we love them all equally – so here are their 5 most-ordered dishes on Beep:

  • Pad Krapow Beef with Rice & Egg
  • Thai Style Crispy Chicken Chop Rice
  • Stir-fried Pad Thai with Prawns
  • Fried Omelette Served with Rice
  • Pad See Ew

The price range here is also reasonable, between RM6 and RM43.

FUN FACT: Streat Thai’s food menu is halal-certified, and is now available in three outlets at three major areas; Jaya One in Petaling Jaya, Nexus Bangsar South, and Tesco Extra Cheras.

Check out the Streat Thai menu and order now: https://streatthai.beepit.com/

9. Thai Hou Sek

Thai Hou Sek is a famous Thai restaurant that’s well known for its porkilicious Thai-Chinese dishes. Most of the menu is inspired by Thai street food and ranges from salad, rice, noodle, desserts, and drinks.

What customers love here is their sharing dishes, namely Thai-Hou-Share Platter and Deep Fried Tilapia – a mixture of different types of meat that complement your meal. It’s perfect for any occasion too; whether you’re enjoying a casual dinner or hosting a celebration at home with your family, their menu items are varied and absolutely delicious.

Try these crowd favourites: 

  • Nam Tok Siu Yok
  • Garlic Pork Ribs
  • Pad Kra Pao Kung
  • Spicy Pork Belly 
  • Babi-Q Skewers

The prices here range between RM10 and RM72.

Check out the Thai Hou Sek menu and order now:

10. Jatujak Bangkok Street Food

Jatujak Bangkok Street Food is also one of the best Thai restaurants in Ara Damansara. Their authenticity and premium flavours keep crowds coming back for more – from soup, salad, grill, and more!

Top on our list is their Signature Pork Shoulder and Grilled Lamb Shoulder – it’s tender, juicy, and with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency that makes it difficult to forget. We also love their:

  • Signature Green Curry Pork Ribs
  • Signature Siakap Sweet Sour Chilli
  • Signature Claypot Prawn Glass Noodle
  • Mango Sticky Rice
  • Red Ruby Water Chestnut

Menu items here range from RM10 – RM75. 

Check out the Jatujak Bangkok Street Food menu and order now: https://jatujak.beepit.com/

Get the best Thai food from the best Thai restaurants in town now!

Whether you’re a big fan of Thai food or are an expert, these Thai restaurants are sure to delight, and are perfect for every occasion.

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