15 Satay Places That STICK Out Amongst The Rest

What makes satay such a staple dish here in Malaysia? 

Is it the enticing aroma, which exudes from the lightly charred pieces of meat? Or perhaps it’s the unique aesthetic of the bamboo skewers piercing through the meats?

Whatever the case may be, there’s no denying that satay is a dish that’s universally loved by foodies everywhere.

So come aboard this food train and check out our list of the best 15 satay places in Klang Valley to order from on Beep!

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1. The Uma Bali

The Uma Bali 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Chicken Satay Fish Satay Balinese Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Images via @theumarestaurant/Facebook

Voted as having one of the “10 Scrumptious Satay” by the New Straits Times, The Uma Bali serves up exotic flavour combinations on a stick. 

If you’re used to eating Malaysian satay, we suggest you try some Balinese satay or sate as well! Balinese sate is known for having chunkier meats and a distinct lemongrass flavour to it. 

The varieties available at The Uma Bali include: Sate Celeng (Pork Satay), Sate Be Siap (Chicken) and Sate Lilit Be Pasih (Minced Fish Satay)

Every satay you get is so well-marinated that you can even eat it on its own, without the satay sauce!

View The Uma Bali menu and order now: theumabali.beepit.com

2. Songket Restaurant

Songket Restaurant 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Live Satay Ayam Satay Daging Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Image via @songketrestaurant/Facebook

For something a little more exquisite, we recommend Songket Restaurant as it ticks all the boxes in this regard.

Inspired by the luxurious hand-woven fabric of the same name, Songket specialises in fine Malay cuisines that’s made to impress just about anyone!

Treat yourself to a fine-dining experience by tasting any one of these Live Satay dishes:

  • Live Satay Ayam
  • Live Satay Daging

They are the perfect starters to any 3-course meal!

FUN FACT: Songket Restaurant also holds lively cultural dance performances to temporarily transport its patrons to the relaxing kampung life.

View the Songket Restaurant menu and order now: songket.beepit.com

3. Neighbourhood Foodcourt

Neighbourhood Foodcourt 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Kota Damansara Satay Ayam Daging Set Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Images via ËℓϑᎥĘŠ/Foursquare & @laling_laling/Instagram

Visiting a local food court is a favourite pastime for many of us. It’s like entering a neighbourhood that’s a melting pot of different cultures.

That’s the feeling you’d get when visiting Neighbourhood Foodcourt in Kota Damansara but because we’re still in Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan, this is not possible for the time being.

Nevertheless, you can get the same vibrant food court vibes by ordering their dishes from the comfort of your own home.

Their delicious satay set meals are the top picks from this foodcourt. You have the option to choose between chicken, beef or BOTH! It’s up to your heart’s desire.

Beep recommends: Satay Ayam & Daging Set

View the Neighbourhood Foodcourt menu and order now: nfc.beepit.com

4. Kampung Contemporary Dining

Kampung Contemporary Dining 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Nyonya Melaka Pork Satay Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Images via @kampungdining/Facebook

Authentic Nyonya restaurants outside Melaka are a dime a dozen but luckily, Kampung Contemporary Dining is one of the few exceptions.

Pork satay is considered a rarity in the Malaysian food scene but interestingly enough, it’s one of Kampung’s most championed dishes!

So we recommend you get your hands on the Melaka Pork Satay, which comes in a set of 5 or 10 sticks.

Served with their homemade pineapple and peanut sauce, you will get to indulge in the succulent taste beaming from the skewered pork meat. 

It really is a labour of love!

View the Kampung Contemporary Dining menu and order now: kampungcontemporarydining.beepit.com

5. Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Sate Lilit Pork Skewers Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Images via @wildhogskl/Facebook

Still can’t get over those tasty pork skewers? That’s A-okay because the Sate Lilit from Wild Hogs is just as HOGtastically scrumptious!

Instead of using bamboo skewers, they use lemongrass stalks to present the meat slices. Doing so adds a nice fragrant note to the flavour profile of this dish. 

And once you dip each stalk into their speciality chilli sauce, your taste buds are sure to perk up at first bite, right then and there!

View the Wild Hogs menu and order now: wildhogs.beepit.com

6. The Hungry Tapir

The Hungry Tapir 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Vegan Satay Mama Satay Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Images via Min Xiang Lee/Google Maps & Jolene Lee/Google Maps

When hearing the words “vegan satay”, we hope that cucumber and raw onion skewers aren’t the only images that pop in your head.

That’s because places like The Hungry Tapir have so much more innovation to offer when it comes to vegan Malaysian food.

A shining example of this is their papadam and hedgehog mushroom skewers, otherwise known as Mama’s Satay. This dish is juiciness personified!

And who knows? You suddenly might end up preferring this to satay dishes with actual meat!

View The Hungry Tapir menu and order now: thehungrytapir.beepit.com

7. Crown Colony Cuisine

Crown Colony Cuisine 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Peranakan Food Vegan Satay Mushroom Satay Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Images via Crown Colony Cuisine/Google Maps & @crowncolonycuisine/Facebook

In continuation with the vegan food theme, next up on our list is Crown Colony Cuisine in Petaling Jaya. 

It’s one of the few Peranakan restaurants in town that widely caters to vegans or vegetarians. Forget about eating bland vegetables, this is the place to fulfill your colourful appetite.

Their star appetiser is of course, the satay! So what better substitute for beef than the most well known earth-meat out there…mushrooms!

To be specific, monkey head mushrooms, which surprisingly packs a meaty bite!

View the Crown Colony Cuisine menu and order now: crowncolonycuisine.beepit.com

8. Serai

Serai 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Satay Beef Satay Chicken Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Images via @andrewchan032/Instagram & @seraigroup/Facebook

Classic Malay cuisine with a contemporary twist…this description perfectly sums up Serai’s gastronomical aesthetic.

Furthermore, they don’t just serve Malay food here – one can discover a wide variety of other cuisine types such as Western food and Chinese food.

But if you had to pick just a few dishes, we recommend you add any one of these juicy satay dishes to your plate:

  • Satay Chicken, Satay Beef or Satay MIX

View the Serai menu and order now: serai.beepit.com

9. Baguslah Cafe

Baguslah Cafe 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Jumbo Chicken Satay Malaysian Heritage Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Image via @baguslahcafe/Facebook

If there’s any restaurant that truly understands the connection between food and heritage, it’s definitely Baguslah Cafe.

Each dish is carefully prepared to ensure that the best of the best flavours associated with Malaysian cuisine are evenly incorporated. 

Honestly, every dish served here is worthy of praise but their best-seller, the Bagus-Lah! Jumbo Chicken Satay is simply BAGUS!

Imagine dipping each skewer in their famous peanut sauce only for you to then bite off the oversized chicken, piece by piece until the stick is left clean…

It’s so easy to be allured by this tantalising scenario!

View the Baguslah Cafe menu and order now: baguslahkaffe.beepit.com

10. Terazza Brasserie

Terazza Brasserie Dorsett Grand Subang Hotel 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Beef Satay Chicken Satay Buffet Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Images via @DorsettGrandSubang/Facebook & Caronlydia5555 Wong/Google Maps

Tucked within the luxurious Grand Dorsett Subang, Terazza Brasserie is noted for being an expert in all things international cuisine.

Whether you’re looking to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, there’s something for everyone and we stand by that!

Apart from its extensive buffets, there’s an all-day dining menu that offers a selection of dishes commonly adored by Malaysians. One of them is satay, as you might’ve guessed.

Here’s what’s waiting in store for you:

  • Chicken Satay by the dozen
  • Beef Satay by the dozen

And who says satay can’t be fancy?

View the Terazza Brasserie menu and order now: terazzabrasserie.beepit.com

11. Lamb Story

Lamb Story 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Set Satay Combo Lamb Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Images via @lambstory77/Facebook

Feeling a little bit adventurous today? Then it’s time to get your daily dose of lamb meat courtesy of Lamb Story.

Incorporating lamb into one’s diet is something we recommend because it carries certain nutrients that the more popular meats like chicken or beef don’t possess.

And whilst everything on the menu is delicious, you absolutely need to look out for their Set Satay Combo – it’s bursting with so much flavour!

We’re pretty sure you’ll end up ordering this dish time and time again. It’s just that good!

View the Lamb Story menu and order now: lambstory.beepit.com

12. SatayBabe by Tipsy Boar

SatayBabe Tipsy Boar 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Chicken Satay Pork Satay Combo Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Images via @tipsy.boar/Facebook

Launched last month as a spin-off of the popular Tipsy Boar restaurant, SatayBabe has the chops to hold its own in the local food scene.

You might be wondering why a completely separate shop is set up just for Tipsy Boar’s satay dishes….but it’s really a testament to their high quality and decadent satay.

The TWO star dishes are its combo dishes, which are:

  • Chicken Satay 10pc Combo
  • Pork Satay 10pc Combo

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get into this satay family affair right now!

View the SatayBabe by Tipsy Boar menu and order now: sataybabe.beepit.com

13. Bizbox Cafe

Bizbox Cafe 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Tender and Juicy Beef Satay Chicken Satay Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Images via @Bizboxmalaysia/Facebook

Bizbox Cafe is widely known for its stunning botanical-themed decorations. Everywhere you go, a potted plant is always there to greet you.

The reason for this is BizBox also doubles as a plant gift store! So after your meal, you can easily pick up a gorgeous plant for yourself or for someone special.

Speaking of meals, their menu is just as appealing to look at. From signature main dishes to bite-sized appetisers, you’ll be at your wits end in deciding on what to get…in a good way, of course!

For tender light bites, we recommend:

  • Tender & Juicy Beef Satay (6 sticks)
  • Tender & Juicy Chicken Satay (6 sticks)

PRO TIP: Be sure to dip the skewers into the creamy spiced peanut sauce as soon as it’s in front of you! Your taste buds will be in such awe!

View the Bizbox Cafe menu and order now: bizboxsdnbhd.beepit.com

14. Soul Kitchen Kepong

Soul Kitchen Kepong 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Signature Mushroom Satay Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Images via @soulkitchenkepong/Facebook & Wee Kuang Chua/Google Maps

Feed your soul with Soul Kitchen Kepong’s homemade fusion dishes that will help satisfy multiple cravings all at once!

The dishes served here have such a clean and vibrant appeal, perfect for those who are health-conscious but also like to indulge in a hearty meal every now and then.

Out of all the dishes on their menu, the one dish you should try first and foremost is the Signature Mushroom Satay.

It’s packed full of flavour and nutritious goodness to help combat inflammation and boost heart health, all thanks to the Lion’s Mane mushrooms used.

View the Soul Kitchen Kepong menu and order now: soulkitchenescape.beepit.com

15. Malai Thai Cuisine

Malai Thai Cuisine 15 Best Satay Places 2021 Thai Food Chicken Gai Satay Beep Food Delivery Klang Valley Malaysia
Images via @malaithai.kl/Facebook & @malaithai.kl/Instagram

Let’s end this list with the crunchiest one of them all, the Thai Chicken Satay aka Gai Satay from Malai Thai Cuisine.

The chicken pieces are marinated with imported whole dried spices that are unique to Thai cooking before being grilled to crisp perfection! 

They taste just like the satays you would get from the street markets of Thailand!

Be sure to keep an eye out for Malai Thai. This place is spearheading the revolution of authentic, quality Thai food in Malaysia.

View the Malai Thai Cuisine menu and order now: malaithai.beepit.com

Stay for some satay!

The versatility of satay is unparalleled. You can either enjoy it on its own as an afternoon snack or pair it with a bowl of rice later on for dinner.

Basically, our rule is all day is perfect for satay! 

So it’s time to tuck your tummies in and get a bunch of satay skewers delivered to you now!

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Leaving so soon? Be sure to check out even more drool-worthy local dishes courtesy of MAKAN LOCAL!

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