Mid-Autumn Festival 2021: Top 8 Mooncakes in Klang Valley

It’s Mooncake season! This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 21st September, so it’s time to start looking for the tastiest mooncakes in town!

Whether you’re a lover of mooncakes or looking to gift your loved ones, look no further because we have got you covered with some of the best mooncakes in Klang Valley brought to you by our restaurant partners on Beep. 

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1. The Westin KL

Images from @thewestinkl

Nothing says boujee like this moon-shaped box, consisting of The Westin’s premium Mooncakes! 

They have a total of eight exclusive mooncake flavours which includes White Lotus Mooncake, Chocolate Mooncake, Creamy Milk Tea Mooncake, Lotus with Single Yolk Mooncake and more. 

What’s even better is that The Westin’s Mooncakes flavours are all certified halal, and can be enjoyed by everyone!

Inspired by the concept of the Moon Rabbit, The Westin’s Celestial Mooncake box also doubles as a vanity box to store your keepsakes or as a light travel case to carry around.

Be sure to check out their store on the Beep App to find out more yummy flavours. 

View the The Westin KL menu and order now: thewestinkl.beepit.com

2. Crème De La Crème

Images from @mycdlc

Why go for the ordinary when you can get the extraordinary?

For an aesthetic, unique, and exquisite Mid-Autumn Festival experience, try Crème De La Crème’s Mooncake Gift Sets

They’re also delicately made as delicious works of art using only 100% natural artisanal ice cream, making it perfect for gifting. 

Tempted to order? 

View the Crème De La Crème menu and order now: cdlc.beepit.com

3. Piccoli Lotti

Images from @piccolilotti.my

Piccoli Lotti’s freshly crafted Mooncakes are made to impress as they are filled with decadent gelato. 

Take your pick from four different flavours that will leave you wanting more!

  • Sweet Potato & Salted Peanut
  • Matcha and Strawberry
  • Chocolate & Mint Raspberry
  • Chocolate & Hazelnut

These yummy mooncakes are available to order in packs of two and four. So what are you waiting for? Go get ’em! 

View the  Piccoli Lotti menu and order now: piccolilotti.beepit.com

4. W Kuala Lumpur

Images from @wkualalumpur

In collaboration with Gung Ho Studio, W Kuala Lumpur has come up with some of the trendiest mooncakes around, and it also comes with a luminous collector bag!  

Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them by gifting them W Kuala Lumpur’s Moonstruck Mooncake Box.

With flavours like Mint Red Bean, Cendol Coconut, Black Sesame Paste with Single Yolk, we promise you won’t regret ordering! 

View the W Kuala Lumpur menu and order now: wkualalumpur.beepit.com

6. Wu Cha KL

Images from @wucha.kl

Nothing beats homemade baked mooncakes – and it’s even better when it’s made with premium ingredients! 

Want to try the best Traditional and Shanghai mooncakes in town? Wu Cha KL doesn’t disappoint! 

Get the Wu Cha KL mix and match box that offers three different selections of mooncake for customisation! 

View the Wu Cha KL menu and order now: wuchakl.beepit.com

6. 3 Little Chef

Images from @3littlechef

3 Little Chef’s mooncakes are not something you’d want to miss out on, with five different Mooncake sets you can enjoy. Talk about variety! 

  • Astronaut Mooncake Gift Box
  • Mooncake Gift box
  • Oven Style Mooncake Gift Box
  • Traditional Mooncake
  • Homemade Shanghai Mooncake

You’ll never run out of choices with these, so go get it! 

View the 3 Little Chef menu and order now: 3littlechef.beepit.com

7. Fei Fan Hotpot

Images from @feifanhotpot

Fei Fan Hotpot introduces its mooncake offerings in a gorgeous Tiffany-Blue box.

Those who enjoy traditional baked Mooncakes will surely appreciate these signatures:

  • Golden Emerald⁣
  • Assorted Fruits & Nuts⁣
  • Red Bean⁣
  • Golden Starlight with Single Yolk⁣
  • White Lotus⁣
  • Lotus with Single Yolk⁣

You can also stand a chance to enjoy 15% off their mooncake sets with any purchase of Fei Fan Hotpot’s Value Set! 

Use code: MOONCAKE15 when you order on Beep! 

View the Fei Fan Hotpot menu and order now: feifanhotpot.beepit.com

8. Restoran Green View

Images from @restorangreenview

This Mid-Autumn Festival, Restoran Green View has created some of the prettiest Mooncakes we’ve ever seen! 

Not only are they bright and colourful, they’re super delicious too! 

Durian lovers, you’re going to love this, because Restoran Green View’s Black Thorn Durian Snowskin Mooncake uses only pure Durian in their mooncake!. 

View the Restoran Green View menu and order now: restorangreenviewsdnbhd.beepit.com

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