Father’s Day 2021: Sweet Treats You Can Order For Your Dad!

Father’s Day is just around the corner. No idea what to surprise your dad with this coming Sunday? 

A sure-fire way to bring joy this special day is not through his heart, but through his tummy!

Check out these dessert gift ideas that we’ve listed out just for you!

What better way to express your appreciation towards your #1 Dad than through desserts…

1. See Moonlight

Images from @seemoonlighterie

No cake is ever too cool for your dad!

See Moonlight Father’s Day Edition is awesome, and we can’t get enough of it.

Their elegant Marble Earl Grey Mousse CheeseCake has a distinct citrus flavour and fragrance and is definitely one of the coolest Father’s Day cakes we’ve seen!

It’s also made with the highest quality ingredients (with slightly less sugar) to give you a little energy boost whilst also still satisfying your cravings!

It so happens that the Father’s Day cupcakes come with a free Instant Square Polaroid for your dad to keep as a souvenir, which is just icing on the cake!

View the See Moonlight menu and order now: seemoonlight.beepit.com

2. Cocoraw Chocolates | Cocodash

Images from @cocoraw.me

With Cocoraw’s chocolates, you’ll be able to melt your dad’s heart in a heartbeat!

This chocolate shop is well known for their specialty chocolate truffles and locally-inspired chocolate drinks!

And for this year’s Father’s Day, they are bringing a whole new seasonal flavour that is only available for this month – The Sable

The Sable is a mysterious box of dark chocolate truffles produced with Melaka single origin chocolates. 

On top of it all, it’s sugar-free! Making it ideal for all the health-conscious dad’s out there!

To pre-order their Father’s Day Set, just head on over to their Beep store! 

View the Cocodash menu and order now: cocodash.beepit.com

3. Ennoble by Elevete

Images from @elevete

When it comes to pâtisserie perfection, Elevete strives to deliver only the best cakes and macarons!

And of course the best dads deserves the best gifts!

Especially when he has gone through all the struggles to provide the best for you!  

Fret not, their cakes are the perfect gift for Father’s Day! 

There are THREE cakes available at Elevete that are made special for all the dads out there: 

  • Midnight Sin
  • Hazelnut Burnt Butter Cake
  • Blackforest Cake

View the Ennoble by Elevete menu and order now: ennoblebyelevete.beepit.com

4. Kuke Desserterie

Images from @kukemy

This dessert shop called Kuké is every dessert lover’s dream..

Founded by a husband and wife duo, dedicated to making the best sweet treats in Kuala Lumpur. 

Here at Kuké, you can celebrate Father’s Day with their manly chocolate offerings unlike any other!

So come and get into the Father’s Day spirit with two of their exclusive selections tailored to the tastes of our heroes! 

The TWO Father’s Day selection that’ll catch your heart are:

  • Mochaccino Dream; Contains rich, dark mocha cheesecake, made with almond brittle and a smooth chocolate whipped cream.
  • Hunky Monky; A lovely light banana cake heaped with chocolate frosting and salty almond brittle.

Head on over to their website to pre-order these enticing limited edition cakes!

View the Kuke Desserterie menu and order now: kukedesserterie.beepit.com

5. Harriston Chocolatier Cafe

Images from @HarristonChocolatier

Harriston Chocolatier is inspired by the Malaysian country that is rich with traditions and culture.

Harriston Chocolatier uses only the finest ingredients, which includes an exotic range of tropical fruits and herbs.  

Even their packaging is thoughtfully designed, featuring many authentic sides from Malaysia! 

Don’t let this year’s Father’s Day holiday at home stop you from celebrating. 

Get this exquisite chocolate fondue from Harriston to indulge in with your family this weekend!

View the Harriston Chocolatier Cafe menu and order now: harristonchocolatier.beepit.com

6. Orito KL

Images from @orito_kl

Ahhh can you smell the freshly baked goods? 

Well.. you sure can once you order these luxurious choux pastry, stuffed donuts and more! 

This new patisserie called Orito located in Plaza Damas is well known for its delicate and varied pastries. 

Not only does their pastry look appetising, but there are a variety of pastries and flavours to choose from. 

Some of our dessert pack favourites include:

  • Choux pack 2.0
  • 6 Donuts 2 Cookies pack
  • 5 Canele pack

The perfect pack you can enjoy with your family on Father’s Day while staying safe at home during this celebration! 

View the Orito menu and order now: oritokl.beepit.com

7. The Sherry

Images from @thesherry_oug

The Sherry, a new Instagram-worthy cafe tucked in the city of Kuala Lumpur, is famously known for its scrumptious pastries and delicious coffee.

Their fresh baked hand roll Pain Au Chocolate is to die for! 

Asides from that, their other deliciously flavourful croissants like Niko Matcha Croissants and Almond Croissants are also some of their best sellers! 

What’s a lovely Sunday brunch at home without some baked goods from The Sherry?

View The Sherry menu and order now: thesherry.beepit.com

8. Apronfools

Images from @apronfools

When it comes to desserts, Apronfools sure does not play around.. 

Their newest item to their menu will honestly make you drool!

Even better that these huge rolls are made perfect for you to enjoy with your loved ones at home!

After all, desserts are even sweeter when shared..

View the Apronfools menu and order now: apronfools.beepit.com

9. Coffee Jeans & Co Cafe

Images from @coffeejeansandco

Why wait for someone’s birthday to eat a cake when you can just order it for Father’s Day instead?

These beautiful cakes from Coffee Jeans & Co will surely give you an experience you’ll never forget!

For y’all Matcha lovers out there, this Matcha Burnt Cheesecake will truly bless your tastebuds.

Speak of the devil, their Devils Food Chocolate Cake is also a must-try!

Have a cake cult at home on Father’s Day with Coffee Jeans & Co!

View the Coffee Jeans & Co menu and order now: coffeejeansandco.beepit.com

10. YB Bakery & Cafe

Images from @ybbakery.official

Everything is premium, fresh, and tasty at the one and only YB Bakery & Cafe! 

They’ve got you covered with all there is to know about desserts! 

If you’re looking for an extra festive celebration for your dad, then their Best Dad cakes and Combo Super Hero are perfect for it!

And Father’s Day is only once a year! So treat your dad with their Father’s Day special cakes that’ll surely bring a huge smile on his face! 

View the YB Bakery & Cafe menu and order now: ybbakerycafe.beepit.com

Only the best gifts for the best dad

Some of them might not show that they give a damn about this holiday..

But best believe, they actually do!

Let’s show our dads some love with some sweet treats this weekend, and make the best out of it!

Happy Father’s Day!

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