Mykori Dessert Café: A Heavenly Place for Kakigori Lovers

Mykori Dessert Café, a popular Japanese dessert house in Malaysia, is an all-time favourite among sweet tooths and kakigori lovers. With more than 80+ outlets across Malaysia, we can see why it’s one of the top kakigori cafés around.

Chill in this kakigori paradise

What makes Mykori’s kakigori so special is how they can exquisitely incorporate different syrups, flavoured shaved ice, and fresh fruits into mouth watering combinations. 

Each kakigori is expertly crafted, and a perfect pick-me-up on days when you need one (and even when you don’t!). They’re also Instagram-worthy too, so be ready to feed your appetite as well as your social media feed when you visit this café.

What’s good in Mykori?

If you’re looking at their extensive menu of kakigori and toast, thinking, “Everything looks SO good” – we feel you.

As a quick summary, there are two types of kakigori; sweet (milk-based) and tangy (yogurt-based). Both are equally delicious, and we recommend their signatures:

  • Mount Fuji Kakigori
  • Chocolate Tiramisu Kakigori
  • Chocoreo Kakigori
  • Red Melon Kakigori
  • Strawberry Yogurt Kakigori

Thick toasts are also part of their signature items, and they complement the kakigori perfectly! We highly recommend:

  • Chocolate Strawberry Toast
  • Mango Honey Crunch Toast
  • Triple Chocoreo Toast

Other Mykori desserts that are worth the calories

That’s not all – there are plenty of other signature desserts worth exploring in their extensive menu. 

Beyond kakigori and toast, they also pride themselves on their Signature Pancakes, Croissant Taiyaki, Signature Frappés, Signature Beverages, Artisanal Cakes, and more. Talk about being a one-stop Japanese dessert café! 

Some of our top picks include:

  • Signature Pancake – Chocolate Strawberry
  • Buttermilk Waffle – Mango Passion
  • Artisanal Cake – Blueberry Cheesecake Slice

Trust us – there’s something for every palate here.

Sweeten up your day, wherever you are

Good news! If you’re looking to indulge at home or with your office kaki, MyKori also delivers straight to your doorstep. 

All you have to do is place your order on the Beep App, kick back, and relax – your favourite kakigori will be delivered to you before you know it.

View the Mykori Dessert Cafe menu and order now from:  

Is Mykori KL Halal-certified: Yes

Location: Kota Damansara, Kepong, SS2, and 105+ outlets across Malaysia! Follow Mykori Dessert Cafe on Facebook and Instagram

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