House of Kambing: The Farm-Restaurant Hybrid That Serves The Juiciest Meats Ever

This restaurant in Maeps Serdang will have you KAMBING back for more!

House of Kambing is home to some of the best kambing bakar in Klang Valley. Specialising in a “farm-to-table” concept, every dish is guaranteed to be super fresh! 

Also, fun fact! Did you know that House Of Kambing is both a restaurant AND a livestock farm?

Perfect place for the young at heart

House of Kambing Farm Animals Camel Goat Maeps Serdang Grill BBQ Beep Food Delivery Malaysia
Images via @houseofkambing/Facebook

As one could imagine, you can expect to see lots of animals there and they’re not the kinds you see everyday. We’re talking goats, deers and even CAMELS!

Major cuteness overload!

Kids would love playing with the farm animals and even grown adults would be enticed to take a pic or two with these furry friends. In fact, you can even ride on the camels for FREE

You’ll even have the pleasure of enjoying the picturesque view of the animals grazing on the grass whilst you dig into a delicious meal at the restaurant!

The G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) meals!

What makes House of Kambing a one-of-a-kind restaurant is its ability to offer meals that are both flavourful and extreme affordable.

The way the various cuts of lamb are masterfully prepped, marinated and cooked will leave you wanting more. Fortunately, there are plenty of mouth-watering meals to choose from.

House of Kambing Nasi Kukus Kambing Bakar Maeps Serdang Grill BBQ Beep Food Delivery Malaysia
Images via @houseofkambing/Instagram

Their signature dish is the Nasi Kukus Kambing Bakar. It consists of a single portion of lamb, marinated to perfection, alongside one serving of steamed rice.

If there is a word to describe what the lamb tastes like, it would have to be juicy!

Calling all meat-lovers!

House of Kambing Grilled Lamb Sets Nasi Goreng Maeps Serdang Grill BBQ Beep Food Delivery Malaysia
Images via @houseofkambing/Instagram

House of Kambing’s Grill Out Sets are something to take note of when ordering, especially if you’re a big fan of lamb. You can opt for the regular Grill Out (for 3-4 pax), Grill Out Platter (for 4-5 pax) and Grill Out Mini (for 2-3 pax).

Important Note: The Grill Out Platter also includes 600g of grilled chicken for you to enjoy, just in case you want to reset your taste buds.

Another dish you must absolutely try is the Nasi Goreng Kambing. Looking at the photo of the dish itself is bound to make your tummy rumble. You can even spend an extra RM5 to feast on more lamb!

Brilliant alternatives to lamb

House of Kambing Nasi Kuku Ayam Goreng Kunyit Ikan Masin Maeps Serdang Grill BBQ Beep Food Delivery Malaysia
Images via @houseofkambing/Instagram

Lamb or mutton tastes amazing when it’s cooked to perfection but that doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s cup of tea or milk. No need to worry because House of Kambing offers some great alternatives:

  • Nasi Kukus Ayam Bakar
  • Nasi Kuku Ayam Goreng Kunyit
  • Kailan Ikan Masin

These local delights are just as satisfying and appetising as the lamb dishes. 

Quench your thirst with real fruit juice!

House of Kambing also serves unique fruit juices, which complements the smoky BBQ dishes and keeps you hydrated all at once. Since the restaurant is located at a farm, it’s guaranteed that the drinks here are fresh and all-natural. 

Images via @houseofkambing/Facebook

Some fan-favourites are the tembikai juice and its variants (adding milk or laici) and the apple assam boi.

Bring the farm over to you

Despite needing to travel out of the city centre to dine in at House of Kambing, the trip is well worth it given the beauty of its location.

But if you want to stay at home, there’s always the convenience of having their amazing food being delivered directly to you!

View the House of Kambing menu and order now from:

Is House of Kambing Halal-certified: Yes

Location: Jalan MAEPS 4/1, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

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