Father’s Day (2021): Treat Your Dad To A Lovely Meal With These Scrumptious Dinner Sets

With Father’s Day on the horizon, we have a question to ask you…

If you had to describe your dad in just one word, what would it be? I think most of us would say loyal, protective or brave. 

But think back to all the times when he would take you to your favourite restaurants or bring home your favourite foods whenever you’re feeling down. 

That shows how much he loves us and likes to spoil provide for us.

Now it’s time to return the favour and treat him to a wonderful meal at home by ordering any one of these delicious meal sets, thanks to Beep! 

1. Maria’s SteakCafe – Father’s Day Menu 

Father's Day Meal Set Menu 2021 Maria's SteakCafe Damansara Bangsar Sunway Suria KLCC Wagyu Beef Steak Grilled Lamb Cutlets
Images via @maria.steakscafe/Facebook

The most classic meal you can gift your dad on Father’s Day is a perfectly seasoned steak. 

Forget about that old saying of eating dinner like a pauper! If you want him to feast like a King for the day, we highly recommend you order the Father’s Day Delivery Menu.

Here’s what he’ll get: 

  • Appetiser- Maria’s Wings
  • Soup- Mushroom or Pumpkin
  • Mains- Beef Steak (the Wagyu cuts are the most recommended), Pan Fried Atlantic White Cod, Grilled Lamb Cutlets, Grilled Salmon Fish, Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Olio
  • Dessert- Moist Chocolate Cake

Trust us, your dad will be beaming with happiness if he sees all of this being laid out on the dinner table.

View the Maria’s SteakCafe menu and order now: mariassteakcafe.beepit.com

2. Mercat Deli – Father’s Day Special

Father's Day Meal Set Menu 2021 Mercat Deli Gastrobar Spanish Cuisine Mont Kiara Barcelona Food Churros with Chocolate Suckling Lamb Leg
Images via @mercatgastrobar/Instagram

Let’s not allow the inability to travel overseas bring us down. Instead, transport your dad to the streets of Barcelona by getting him the Father’s Day special.

For RM180, you and your dad will be treated to the best of the best of the Spanish food scene, which includes:

  • Charcuterie (Cheese & Cold Cuts) Platter
  • Spanish Suckling Lamb Leg served with Patata Panadera (Roast Potato with Onion, Tomato and White Wine)
  • Churros with Chocolate

If he has never tried Spanish cuisine before, this is the restaurant for him because the executive chef of Mercat, David Caral is Barcelonan himself. You can’t get more authentic than that!

Besides, there’s no way you are going to let your dad pass up on their amazing, crispy churros!

Mucho delicioso!

View the Mercat Deli menu and order now: mercatfoodbeveragesdnbhd.beepit.com

3. The Link Cafe – Happy Baba Special 

Father's Day Meal Set Menu 2021 The Link Cafe Bandar Baru Sri Petaling Happy Baba Special Vegan Burger Plant Based Food Cold Pressed Juice
Image via @thelinkcafe.my/Facebook

A burger that’s named after dad? What could be more perfect than that? 

This special will charm the pants out of your dad with its brand new southern milk sauce, which helps bring out the rich flavours from its delicious vegan patties. 

It’s both addictive and healthy at the same time! 

Served with any of the 3 cold pressed fruit juices available (choose from Immunity, Heart Health or Detox Juice), the Happy Baba Special will make your dad go GAGA for more!

View the The Link Cafe menu and order now: thelinkcafe.beepit.com

4. Skillet At 163 – Father’s Day Special

Father's Day Meal Set Menu 2021 Skillet at 163 Corner Suites Father's Day Special Whole Chicken Cacciatore Black Garlic Corn Prawn Smoked Paprika Clams White Beer
Images via @skilletat63/Instagram

Next, get your dad to savour some modern European cuisine by ordering Skillet’s Father’s Day feast!

It includes:

  • Whole Chicken Cacciatore
  • Black Garlic Corn
  • Garlic Prawn with Smoked Paprika
  • Rosemary Potato
  • Clams with White Beer

Skillet likes to mix and match different ingredients to create unique dishes that will catch any person off-guard. Hence, the flavour profile of each dish from their special is exquisite and nothing like you have ever tasted before.

If you want to surprise your dad with something out of the ordinary but still oh-so good, this is the special for him!

Important note: Make sure to pre-order this special at least 1 day in advance! Don’t take any chances when it comes to food for your dad.

View the Skillet At 163 menu and order now: skillet163.beepit.com

5. HALAVEG – Father’s Day Vegan Combo

Father's Day Meal Set Menu 2021 Halaveg Damansara Perdana All Vegan Combo Bak Kut Teh BBQ Pau Plant Based Food
Images via Halaveg/kindmeal.my

In these trying times, maintaining a healthy lifestyle needs to be our number 1 priority and the same concern should be held for our dad’s health. 

There’s a slight chance they might be weirded out by the concept of vegan food but luckily, HALAVEG ensures that their plant-based dishes are both mouth-watering and nothing like they could ever imagine.

Their all-vegan combo includes the Bak Kut Teh, Long Bean Pumpkin Mince Rice, Rojak, BBQ Pau, Green Bean Soup, Sausage, Green Monster and Monk’s Fruit Tea. 

Remember this foolproof formula:
Healthy Dad = Happy Dad = Happy Family 

Keeping this in mind will make life with dad truly enriching.

View the HALAVEG menu and order now: halaveg.beepit.com

6. Three Plates Full – Father’s Day Pork or Spring Chicken Set 

Father's Day Meal Set Menu 2021 Three Plates Full Subang Jaya Pork Knuckle Pork Rib Eye Steak Set Spring Chicken Set
Images via @3platesfull/Facebook & @3platesfull.my/Instagram

Maybe it’s a silly stereotype but don’t all dads love meat? 

If that’s the case with you and your father, you are almost certain to win him over with Three Plates Full’s succulent Pork Knuckle and Pork Rib Eye Steak Set

Their gigantic set consists of: 

  • Crispy Skin Pork Knuckle with Vietnamese “Nouc Cham” sauce
  • Pork Ribeye Steak
  • Vegetarian Aglio Olio Pasta
  • Bacon Alfredo Pasta
  • Creamy Polenta with Rosemary Gravy
  • Mesclun Salad with Pork Crackling Skin and Cherry Tomatoes
  • 4x Mango Cheesecake Parfait 

Imagine surprising your dad with all of these hearty dishes? He will cherish you even more! 

If you prefer to have him steer clear of pork, you can also opt to get the spring chicken set for him instead, which is just as incredible.

View the Three Plates Full menu and order now: threeplatesfull.beepit.com

7. Chong Qing Grilled Fish – Father’s Day Set Meal 

Father's Day Meal Set Menu 2021 Chong Qing Grilled Fish Seafood Sunway Velocity Mall Restaurant Sweet and Sour Lychee Pork
Images via @cqgf.my/Facebook

This restaurant located in the eye-catching Sunway Velocity Mall is home to the juiciest fish dishes in town and it has proven itself to be a big hit amongst Malaysian dads everywhere. 

Back when dining-in was still allowed, this place is usually packed full of joyful families feasting on their favourite meals.

Their exclusive Father’s Day set meal for 5-6 persons includes: 

  • Signature Grilled Sea Bass
  • Sliced Pork Belly with Spicy Garlic Sauce
  • Sweet and Sour Lychee Pork OR Dong Po Meat
  • Dry Pot Prawns OR Cereal Prawns
  • Broccoli with Fish Maw
  • Fragrant White Rice
  • Sea Coconut with Longan 

But wait…there’s more! This set meal also comes with huge Chicken Dumplings, compliments of the restaurant! 

We promise you that every dish listed above will find its way to your dad’s heart or more appropriately, his tummy.

View the Chong Qing Grilled Fish menu and order now: cqgf.beepit.com

8. SHUCKED – Daddy’s Dozen 

Father's Day Meal Set Menu 2021 Shucked Oyster Bars The Gardens Mid Valley Daddy's Dozen
Images via @shuckedoysterbars/Instagram

Oysters are one of those delicacies that people either love or hate due to its distinct taste and texture. There’s no in-between.

But for some reason, oysters are really popular with fathers, in general. We have no idea why but if you know the answer, please let us know down in the comments section.

Therefore, another perfect way to treat your dad is to order SHUCKED’s one-of-a-kind Daddy’s Dozen.

It includes the following oyster varieties (4 of each): 

  • Gallagher Special
  • Fine de Claire
  • Tasmanian Prime

The presence of these oysters will turn up your Father’s Day celebration dinner to a whole ‘nother level of fancy. 

View the SHUCKED menu and order now: shucked.beepit.com

9. Thai Mama 泰妈妈 – All Day Family Set Menu 

Father's Day Meal Set Menu 2021 Thai Mama Food Kajang All Day Family Set Menu Tomyum Seafood Thai Fish Green Curry Chicken
Images via @thaimamahomecook/Facebook & Dyana Harun/Google Maps

It’s quite ironic that the name of our 9th pick has the word “mama” in it but we highly recommend their set meals for Father’s Day, especially if dad is a fan of Thai food.

You are able to choose from any of the 3 packages available, depending on how many people in your family are going to celebrate this special occasion with the father figure(s) in your lives.

Set A (2-3 persons):

TomYum Seafood, Stir Fried Minced Pork Basil, Thai Papaya Salad & Thai Omelette

Set B (3-4 persons):

Thai Style Fish (Steamed/Deep Fried), Signature Braised Pork Leg (Half), Vegetable (Kankung OR Kai Lan) & Thai Omelette

Set C (4-6 persons):

Thai Style Fish (Steamed/Deep Fried), Signature Braised Pork Leg (Half), Vegetable (Kankung OR Kai Lan), Green Curry Chicken & Thai Omelette

View the Thai Mama 泰妈妈 menu and order now: thaimama.beepit.com

10. I LOVE YOO! – Father’s Day Free Porridge Set 

Father's Day Meal Set Menu 2021 I Love Yoo Cheras Dried Scallop Porridge Yoo Tiao
Image via @iloveyootiao/Instagram

It’s safe to say that most of us have tried the porridge from I LOVE YOO! at least once in our lives, given how commonly found their stores are all over the country.

With a minimum spending of RM25 on a single receipt, you will gifted a FREE set of dried scallop porridge and their signature yoo tiao

Indeed, there’s nothing more heartwarming than sharing a warm bowl of porridge with dad. 

View the I LOVE YOO! menu and order now: Iloveyoocheras.beepit.com

11. Kampung Contemporary Dining – Family Set Meal 

Father's Day Meal Set Menu 2021 Kampung Contemporary Dining Seksyen 17 Petaling Jaya Nyonya Peranakan Cuisine Food Nyonya Chicken Rendang Melaka Pork Satay
Images via @kampungdining/Instagram

Finally, residents of Seksyen 17 in Petaling Jaya have been flocking to this restaurant for years to enjoy all sorts of homemade Nyonya dishes.

According to Peranakan culture, gathering around for an authentic Nyonya cuisine is typically reserved for ceremonies to entertain house guests.

Keeping that in mind, there’s no other perfect guest of honour than your very own dad on this special day of his.

The Authentic Melaka Nyonya Cuisine Set Meal for 4 persons is comprised of: 

  • Melaka Pork Satay with Pineapple Peanut Sauce
  • Signature Starfruits Assam Fish
  • Babi Cili Garam
  • Nyonya Chicken Rendang
  • Charred Cauliflowers
  • FREE 2x Cendol 

View the Kampung Contemporary Dining menu and order now: kampungcontemporarydining.beepit.com

Stay Safe & Happy Father’s Day!

A father’s love for their family is both pure and immeasurable.

So, it’s about time we pay forward our gratitude to the superheroes in our lives by spoiling him with the best meal sets this Father’s Day.

Click here to check out all the Father’s Day specials!

P.S. Don’t worry about disappointing him. We’re confident that he will love anything you get him just because he’s your dad!

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We get it. You love your dad! So, splurge on him some more by checking out these sweet treats!

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