Cafes in Subang That You Must Visit In 2022!

Looking for cafes in Subang Jaya for your cafe-hop weekend?

We’ve compiled the best cafes in town along with our recommendations of what to order!

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1. Souka Bakeshop

Souka Bakeshop is an amazing, cake-filled cafe in SS15. Local cafe hoppers love to come here for their amazing choices of cakes!

You can also choose to enjoy other dessert items like bombolonis, cookies, macarons and pies!

If you’re looking for a cute cafe or craving a fluffy cake in Subang Jaya, this is your go-to option. Trust us, you won’t be able to get enough of their food!

You can even request a custom-designed cake for any occasion, be it a wedding, a corporate event or a birthday!

View the Souka Bakeshop menu and order now:

2. Fowl Boys

Another popular cafe in Subang is Fowl Boys. It’s not just an ordinary cafe as they’re most well known for their fried chicken burgers!

Our favourite thing about Fowl Boys, aside from the amazing food, is the aesthetic interior. It’ll bring you back to the 80s with its diner-style interior!

This is an experience worth having. I mean, who wouldn’t like a juicy, delicious burger in a diner setting?

View the Fowl Boys KL menu and order now:

3. Avocadian

Looking for something to cool you down under the Malaysian heat? Avocadian is the place to be!

This cafe serves a wide range of delicious, creamy avocado smoothies. It’s where avocado lovers can stay all day!

And if you’ve been thinking about trying out avocado smoothies, we 100% recommend Avocadian! They have a wide range of interesting mixtures from AvoBerry, AvoMatcha, AvoMango and AvoCoco!

Other than smoothies, they also offer amazing little treats (such as AvoTarts) that are just too hard to resist!

And they also have avocado snow daifukus! We literally dream about these delectable chewy mochis with their famous creamy avocado filling in the middle. Plus, with every daifuku purchase, you’re also donating to their new fundraiser with our10k20stories1Malaysia! Find out more here!

View the Avocadian menu and order now:

4. Grey V Cafe

Grey V Cafe is another well-known cafe in Subang. They are the first industrial and prison-themed cafe in Malaysia!

Their chilling interior is the place to be when you’re in need of a change of scenery. With mannequins coming out of the walls and bloody handprints behind bars, you have to visit this thrilling cafe at least once!

If you’re not sure what to go for, their signature dishes like Gochujang Chicken Burger and Honey Glazed Shrimp Rice Box are the true meaning of love at first bite!

View the Grey V Cafe menu and order now:

5. Naj & Belle

Naj & Belle is amazingly beautiful cafe that really lives up to the hype!

They’re most known for their signature watermelon cake as they’re the first cafe in Malaysia to combine this juicy fruit with cake! We highly recommend trying it on a hot day!

Besides cakes, you should also try out their main dishes such as the Asian style carbonara with soft shell crab tempura or their crispy parmesan cheese chicken schnitzel sandwich. We promise it’s worth every penny!

View the Naj & Belle menu and order now:

6. Kairos Specialty Coffee

Kairos Specialty Coffee is a cafe in Subang that puts your mind at ease with their minimalistic modern interior with a touch of wood.

This little cafe specialises in all things coffee! The best part is, their coffee beans are imported from the land of kangaroos, Australia! From the usual cup of latte to out-of-this-world cups of coffee, some crowd favourites include the Charcoal Latte and the Pandan Gula Melaka Latte.

If you’re in Subang and are ever in need of a pick me up, make sure to stop by Kairos Specialty Coffee!

View the Kairos Specialty Coffee menu and order now:

7. The Toast House Malaysia

If you love toast, you should definitely check out The Toast House! They offer authentic Taiwanese breakfast and various types of toast in this super cute cafe!

Take it from us, we absolutely love their combinations and we appreciate the generous sizing of their sandwiches (especially their signature jumbo line)!

They also have a variety of scallion pancakes, burgers and sweet potato balls if you want something else to go with your toast!

View The Toast House menu and order now:

8. Cow Cow Yogurt

Is the Malaysian heat getting to you? Hop on over to Cow Cow Yogurt to cool yourself down!

The rich, creamy yogurt here is perfect for any time of the day! They have flavours such as Lychee Rose Yogurt, Honeycomb CowCow Yogurt, Peach Collagen Yogurt and many more.

If you’re feeling fancy and you want to treat yourself with a little something, they have the 999 Fine Gold Yogurt which would be perfect as a self-love gift.

Other than yogurt, they also have finger foods and pasta dishes on their menu!

View the Cow Cow Yogurt menu and order now:

9. Coffea Coffee

In need of a good cup of coffee from a multi-award-winning cafe? Coffea Coffee is your next stop!

A plate of their Big Brekkie and a cup of their Caramel Macchiato is the best start to a perfect day! If you’re not a big fan of coffee, they have a wide range of tea to choose from too, such as Jade Cloud Green Tea, Earl Grey Lavender and Moroccon Mint.

They have so many different things on the menu, from sandwiches, wraps, rice bowls, pizza and desserts – we just can’t get enough of it!

View the Coffea Coffee menu and order now:

10. Mountain Tofufa

Mountain Tofufa is a cafe that’ll bring you back to your childhood days.

Having a bowl of hot tofufa with the sweet brown sugar syrup or the famous ginger syrup will instantly remind you of home!

At Mountain Tofufa, they offer a bunch of interesting toppings to go with your tofufa, such as taro balls, peach resin and assorted nuts. Other than that, they also have snacks that would bring out your inner child, like the Mini Yau Char Kwai, Mini Ham Ching Peng and the Mini Fried Buns.

View the Mountain Tofufa menu and order now:

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