The Third Letter: The Best Cafe In Shah Alam You Must Try!

If you’re looking for a comfy cafe in Shah Alam that’s suitable for family and friends, then The Third Letter cafe is your perfect go-to for all of these!

Plus, there are a lot of reviews that confirmed The Third Letter is one of the best cafes in Shah Alam that’s worth a visit!

A glimpse of the cosy ambience at The Third Letter

The Third Letter Cafe - Exterior and Interior
The Third Letter Exterior and Interior via Instagram

A loft-style interior decorated with green plants and warm lighting are what make the ambience at The Third Letter excellent, unique, and totally Insta-worthy!

If you’re into this kind of cafe, it’s time to go enjoy the vibes and get some photos for your Instagram.

You can drop by The Third Letter cafe outlet at Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam!

The Third Letter cafe menu and price range

The Third Letter Cafe Menu
The Third Letter Menu via Instagram

The Third Letter is well-known for brunch and casual dining.

They also have a wide-range of menu items that you will enjoy all day, and for any occasion.

Their selections cover different types of salad, pasta, grill, pizza, kids menu, juice, coffee, cake, bakery, and a lot more!

Price range? 

The Third Letter cafe’s price range is between RM4 – RM29, which is quite cheap and budget-friendly.

Moreover, a lot of customer reviews have mentioned that their food is value for money, and the service is also great!

So why not try this best cafe in Shah Alam, yourself?

Planning to visit the outlet or try The Third Letter food delivery? 

You can view The Third Letter’s online menu and directly order to your doorstep here:

Must-try dishes from The Third Letter that will satisfy your cravings

Want to try The Third Letter’s food but don’t know what to order or where to start? No worries.

Here are 5 must-try dishes that you will love at the first bite!

1. TTL Beef Salad – RM20

The Third Letter Cafe Shah Alam menu item - TTL Beef Salad
TTL Beef Salad Image via Instagram

If you’re a healthy person, then this TTL Beef Salad is the right choice! It keeps your calorie intake low, and it even comes with quality protein. Try this Thai beef salad, and you will feel the oomph like you never did before!

2. Grilled Butter Fish – RM25

The Third Letter Shah Alam menu item - Grilled Butter Fish
Grilled Butter Fish via Facebook

Grilled Butter Fish is one of the best-sellers at The Third Letter cafe. This dish is served with roasted potatoes and mixed veggies. The sauce on the side makes it absolutely to-die-for!

3. TTL Lamb Pasta – RM24

The Third Letter Shah Alam menu item - TTL Lamb Pasta
TTL Lamb Pasta via Facebook

This is their signature dish that’s worth a try. TheTTL Lamb Pasta is a combination of slowly braised lamb cubes in tomato based broth, which is spiced with a hint of dark cocoa. Yum!

4. TTL Beef Burger – RM19

The Third Letter Shah Alam menu item - TTL Beef Burger
TTL Beef Burger via Facebook

Not only does it look enticing, but this TTL Beef Burger is also divine! If you’re a big fan of burgers, you must try it! We assure you that this Australian beef patty in a soft buttered bun will satisfy your craving!

5. Lamb Chop – RM29

The Third Letter cafe Shah Alam menu item Lamb chop
Lamb Chop via Instagram

The Lamb Chop is made with heart and is for all meat lovers! If you’re looking for the best lamb chop in town, you should go for this!

#FunFact for sweet tooths
Did you know The Third Letter serves cake from Cake Jalan Tiung, the most popular cake shop in Shah Alam? So all your cravings are satisfied here!

And if you want to try out their most popular dishes, you can have a sneak peek below:

View The Third Letter menu and order now:

Is The Third Letter Halal-certified: Pork-free

Location: No. 2, Jalan NU8/N, Seksyen U8, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating Hours: 11am – 10pm everyday

Follow The Third Letter on Facebook and Instagram

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