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The Ultimate Indian Food Guide: Where and What to Eat in Kuala Lumpur

Craving for some irresistibly good Indian Food? Hurry over and try them yourself!

Undoubtedly, the hardest question to ever exist is “What do you want to eat?”

In the situation that you’re being asked this question, just choose from one of these Indian food recommendations we’ve picked out! We’ve listed some places and why you should try them. So, read on!

Image via @express.punjab/Instagram

#1 Addictive Flavours At Punjab Express  

As the name hints, Punjab Express serves Indian Food on the go when you need a quick Indian food fix. Although aiming to be quick and fuss-free, there’s nothing basic about their flavours and their presentation.

Drop by Cheras to enjoy the full dine-in experience or get it delivered for your convenience. 

There are many favourites on the menu but we recommend:

View their menu here or order from:

Details for Punjab Express:

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Images via @moghulmahal/Instagram

#2 There’s Naan Other Like Moghul Mahal

Without a doubt, there’s one combination that is guaranteed to cause serious salivation – Naan and Mutton Vindaloo. The extensive variety of naan, rotis and prathas on Moghul Mahal’s menu are unquestionably impressive. They make the perfect vehicle to carry all the delicious curries.

In addition, there’s another thing that is highlighted here — their house-made Paneer (Indian Cheese). Sample their Paneer served in different ways. Or, if you can’t get enough of it, buy it for takeaway and have it whenever you like!

Give these a try:

Mogul Mahal is here to provide all the carbs and cheese you need! 

View their menu here or order from:

Details for Moghul Mahal:

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Images via @dtandoorofficial/Instagram

#3 Mind-Blowing Authentic Mughlai Flavours At D’Tandoor  

A name unfamiliar to many, D’tandoor is famously known for their Mughlai dishes cooked in handis (large earthenware or metallic pots). Unquestionably, you’ll find your standard Indian food staples here and something more.

Their menu is designed for sharing so be sure to go in a group to get the best out of the experience. In addition to this, their extensive menu will cater to all your cravings for Indian food as well as any dietary requirements so there’s something for everyone.

#BeepRecommends ordering their:

View their menu here or order from:

Details for D’Tandoor:

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Images via @yatra.kl/Instagram

#4 Time To Chai Them All At Yatra Indian Cuisine 

Yatra Indian Cuisine is a quaint little restaurant located in Ativo Plaza, with a menu that aims to impress. Yatra is all about simple Indian food done well but believe us, there’s nothing simple about their flavours.

 Choose from your classics like the Chicken Tikka Masala or alternatively, if you’re feeling more adventurous try their Chicken Chukka Special or their NZ Mutton Perattal Special. Make sure you save some space for desserts – we highly recommend the sweet appam! 

In addition to all the fantastic options on the food menu, their Chai Latte should not be overlooked. It’s rich, creamy and addictively aromatic.

This hidden gem in Bandar Sri Damansara caters to parties of any size from single servings for a quick lunch break to a sit-down dinner with families or friends. 

You have to try their:

If you’re after traditional Northern Indian food done exceptionally well, Yatra is your spot.

View their menu here or order from:

Details for Yatra Indian Cuisine:

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Images via @makhanbykitchenmafia/Instagram

#5 Nama-stay Here All Night At Makhan by Kitchen Mafia

In spite of everyone visiting Makhan by Kitchen Mafia for their British comfort food, we recommend you try their Indian cuisine menu. Located in Gasket Alley, it has a modern layout and a warm ambience so expect a lively atmosphere when you dine with them. 

What we like and recommend:

In addition, the accompanying drinks menu and the service is equally stellar so be sure to stop by whenever you’re in Petaling Jaya! However, beware of opening hours – they’re only available from 3pm onwards and open till 12am.

View their menu here or order from:

Details for Makhan by Kitchen Mafia:

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You don’t have to go far (or anywhere at all) for good food. Just Beep it!

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