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10 Must-Visit Cafes in Mont Kiara for 2022!


Are you looking for cafes in Mont Kiara to up your Instagram game?  

Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled 10 must-visit spots that are perfect for cute brunch dates, catch-up sessions with your girlfriends, and OOTD shots.

Add these to your cafe-hopping bucket list now!

1. Coffee Stain 

Fun fact! Behind the name Coffee Stain is the idiom — every stain tells a personal story. For Coffee Stain, a stain is something of beauty. It’s permanent, personal, and symbolises a friendship that’ll last a lifetime.

Coffee Stain is one of the many cafes located in the bustling centre of Publika, filling the streets with coffee aroma, wholesome eats, and rustic vibes.

We highly recommend their best-sellers:

Pro tip: Bring your cute date here and we guarantee you’ll get a second date! 

View the Coffee Stain menu and order now:

2. VCR Stacks

Images via @vcrstacks

Is your bucket list stacked with aesthetic cafes? Well, if VCR Stacks isn’t on your list, it should be now!

VCR Stacks is a humble sandwich bar in the heart of Mont Kiara. It specialises in the art of coffee-making and sourdough sandwiches. They have a wide variety of sweet and savoury options such as: 

View the VCR Stacks menu and order now:

3. HOH Coffee

Be gone gloom and sombre! Let HOH Coffee, the House Of Holiao, bring you your happy pills! 

It’s your one-stop-shop for aesthetic OOTD pictures and a good cup of coffee whilst munching on some famous Chinese delicacies – dim sum! 

Beep recommends: 

Try this cafe out and they’ll leave you with a whole latte love! 

View the HOH Coffee menu and order now:

4. Ra-Ft Cafe

Want to spice up your ‘gram with some industrial vibes? 

It’s a good thing you’re here as Ra-Ft Cafe is just the place for you! Nothing beats enjoying your meal whilst admiring the architecture of this cafe.

Grab yourself their best-sellers:

Trust us, you’ll definitely be coming back for more!

View the Ra-ft Cafe menu and order now:

5. Christine’s Bakery

Are you a fan of bagels? If so, Christine’s Bakery will surely be your one and only ba-goals! 

Good bagels aside, you’ve got to visit their cafe located in Publika Shopping Gallery. Be prepared though, you’ll unquestionably get an eye-gasm.

Christine’s Bakery is an all-in-one cafe serving bagels, pasta and pizzas! They even have freshly-baked desserts, pastries, and drinks for all the sweet tooths out there!

While you’re at it, don’t miss out on their Wagyu Steak Out Bagel, Texas Burger, Truffle Mushroom Pizza, Snowy Mocha, and more! 

View the Christine’s Bakery menu and order now:

6. Lushbowl

How’s your 2022 New Year’s resolution coming along? If one of them is to be healthier without sacrificing delicious food, Lushbowl is the place to go!

Soak up some Vitamin D while you nourish your body with Lushbowl’s superfoods. If you have dietary requirements, you can even opt to customise your own poké bowl too! 

Beep Recommends: 

What’re you waiting for? It’s time to shake off those CNY calories! 

View the Lushbowl menu and order now:

7. Bread Fruits

Admit it, all of us have a soft spot when it comes to cafes with a small reading corner. For all the bookworms out there, Bread Fruits is a cafe with a relaxing environment just for you! 

A good read coupled with a scrumptious meal? We know what you’re thinking, nothing can beat this combo! 

Be sure to get your hands on their:

View the Bread Fruits’ menu and order now:

8. Cups N Cubs

Attention all pet lovers! Have you ever seen a Husky this adorable? If you love cute dogs and good food, Cubs and Cups is your next destination! 

Here are some treats which are im-PAW-ssible to resist:

Delicious meals and cute dogs? Don’t walk, run! We’re definitely sprinting to Cubs and Cups so we’ll see you there! 

View the Cubs and Cups’ menu and order now:

9. Barrister’s Brew

If only we could smell the aroma of Barrister’s Brew’s coffee every single day. For those of you who live in Mont Kiara, please be a dear and fulfil our dream!

Pair your daily dose of caffeine with their sweet delights or opt for the flakiest pie you’ll ever encounter. The choice is yours! 

Delights you’ll regret not trying are: 

View the Barrister’s Brew’s menu and order now:

10. Rekindle Hartamas

Rekindle the relationships with your loved ones at Rekindle Hartamas. Or, this is a sign to add some spark to your current ones! 

Their sweet treats and coffee will, without a doubt, add the glimmer in your life you never knew you needed! 

Don’t know what to get? Beep recommends: 

View the Rekindle Hartamas’s menu and order now:

Ready to fulfil your Instagram feed and stomach with memories that’ll last a lifetime?

Start your car’s engine and make plans to visit these cafes in Mont Kiara this weekend! 

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