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10 Thoughtful Food Gift Sets And Care Packages To Send (Klang Valley)

Thoughtful Gift Ideas To Send During MCO 2.0 Klang Valley 2

Thoughtful Gift Ideas To Send During MCO 2.0 Klang Valley 2

A food gift is never out of style! So if you’re looking for care packages or unique gifts, don’t underestimate the power of food for your gift-giving! 

Whether it’s a unique birthday present, anniversary present or just something to brighten someone’s day, a mouth-watering food gift is the best place to start! 

We’ve compiled a list of the best food gift sets in Klang Valley that’ll delight every foodie’s taste buds. 

Bon appetit!

1. Aroma De Nata

Get egg-cited because Aroma De Nata offers the best teatime pastries that are the perfect gifts for all foodies! 

Did you know that their authentic sweet golden Portuguese Egg Tarts are directly imported all the way from Portugal?

The flaky crust and cinnamon-scented creamy custard centre will surely brighten anyone’s day.

They come in packs of 6, 8 or even 16 egg tarts if you’re tempted! And if you’re looking for a birthday gift delivery in Klang Valley, these Portuguese egg tarts from Aroma De Nata will certainly make their special day!

View the Aroma De Nata menu and order now:

2. Soo Scrumptious

Getting some freshly-baked treats is like getting a warm hug in a box! 

Soo Scrumptious has put together boxes of their decadent pastries that are sure to satisfy all sweet tooth cravings. 

Send these desserts to your loved ones to sweeten up their day:

View the Soo Scrumptious menu and order now:

3. SayChizzu Hokkaido Cheese Toast

Images via @saychiizu_malaysia/Instagram

It might sound cheesy but gifting a good grilled cheese is the ultimate way to win someone’s heart!

SayChiizzu is one of the best shop that offers a wide variety of food gift box in Malaysia. With their cute packaging and cheese-mixed toast, your friends and family will surely be jolly when they receive!

Check out SayChiizu’s gift pack sets that include: 

Remind your loved ones that you love them with this delicious and fun treat! 

View the SayChiizu Hokkaido Cheese Toast menu and order now:

4. Kuke Desserterie

Images via @kukemy/Instagram

Another place you can’t overlook when it comes to food gifting and care package is Kuke Desserterie!

They’re known for their modern desserts that celebrates a fusion of Asian and Western flavours. 

You’ll find a drool-worthy selection of decadent cake flavours such as Mochaccino Dream, 5 Shades of Chocolate, Oreo Cheese and Red Carpet Diva. 

Whether it’s a birthday surprise or a secret care package, you can make someone’s day with these Kuke Desserterie’s gift sets:

View the Kuke Desserterie menu and order now:

5. VCR Cafe

Images via @vcrlovesyou/Instagram

Miss having brunch with your friends at VCR cafe?

What if we told you that you can re-create VCR’s signature Big Breakfast in the comfort of your own home!

VCR launched their ‘Home Starter Pack’ which includes:

If you’re looking for a fun stay-at-home activity, order this kit for your friends and recreate the perfectly Instagrammable big breakfast together via video call! 

Other than that, you can also order a birthday food delivery or even a birthday cake from them now! Their pastry menu is so drool-worthy. You can pick chocolate cake, cheesecake, or anything that suits your loved one!

View the VCR menu and order now:

6. Negative 12 Degrees

Images via @negative12degrees/Instagram

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that’s pretty much the same thing! 

Surprise your loved ones with Negative 12 Degree’s all-natural ice cream to show them that you miss them. 

The best part is, Negative 12 Degrees is totally guilt-free because its range of delicious flavours are vegan and sugar-free! 

Choose from their best-selling flavours (400g per pint):

View the Negative 12 Degrees menu and order now:

7. Mala Cantine

Images via @malacantine/Instagram

Spice up your family or friend’s day with a Mala hot pot delivery! 

Known as the most authentic mala hot pot spot in PJ, Mala Cantine is bringing hot pot to you! 

For RM128, their Lucky Hotpot Set includes a variety of fresh and premium ingredients such as An Xin Pork Belly, An Xin Pork Shoulder, Premium Dory Fish, Snow Crab Stick, Mixed Meatballs and more! 

It also comes with an extensive selection of vegetables, tofu, beancurd skin and noodles. And we tell you is going to say no to this food gift!

View the Mala Cantine menu and order now:

8. Botanica + Co

Images via

What’s better than a comforting and heartwarming meal? 

One that’s delivered right to your doorsteps! 

Botanica + Co has a range of platters that you can gift to your loved ones. They serve all kinds of delicious food and desserts here!

From hand-crafted gourmet deli sandwiches to freshly baked pastries and cookies, there’s bound to be something for everyone! 

Check out these delicious family combos and platters:

View the Botanica + Co  menu and order now:

9. Sugar And I

Images via @sugarandi/Instagram

Sugar And I’s Combo Box is the ultimate gift delivery for you and your loved ones! 

After all, what symbolises love and appreciation more than freshly baked treats?

Luckily for you, their renowned Combo Box is still up for grabs. 

It’s truly a box filled with happiness as the Combo Box features 5 bomboloni’s and 5 cream puffs with your choice in flavours! 

Grab these mouth-watering food gifts now and send it to your loved ones!

View the Sugar And I menu and order now:

10. Sunbather Coffee

Images via

Known for their delicious Japanese-inspired food, Sunbather Coffee is a temptation for many.

Wanting to surprise a special someone with some sweet pick-me-ups? Sunbather Coffee has the most amazing birthday gift delivery!

Send some of these pretty little cakes that are perfect for an afternoon tea time snack:

View the Sunbather Coffee menu and order now:

Food is the fastest way to the heart

Send your loved ones a little food gift to put a smile on their faces! 

Food plays a huge part in building and sustaining our closest relationships, especially when we aren’t able to meet physically. 

So check out these amazing food gift sets on Beep now!

Want good food delivered to your doorstep? Just Beep it!

Still hungry? Check out these heavenly dessert places to treat yourself with!

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