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7 Cashless Ordering Cafes & Restaurants To Check Out

Are you #TeamCash or #TeamCashless?

They say that cash is king but we definitely prefer going cashless, feeling like an ultimate queen with the scan of a QR. Forget the loose change, we’d much rather the convenience of going cashless – ordering at our own pace through our phones via QR Order & Pay and even going dutch when dining out with friends is much more seamless. 

Here are 7 cashless cafes & restaurants to check out next time you’re out with your friends:

1. Grub by Ahong & Friends

Images via @grub_sec17/ Instagram

In the high stakes game of all things grilled, Grub by Ahong & Friends is no stranger to most (especially you PJ-ites)! 

Located at Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya, Grub by Ahong & Friends is a no-frills, neighbourhood restaurant that serves awesome steaks that are cooked to perfection. 

Their steaks are charred on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside! We recommend ordering their: 

Tip: Grub is always fully booked so we recommend making a reservation at least 1 week in advance.

Have a peek at Grub by Ahong & Friend’s menu here:

Is Grub by Ahong & Friends Halal-Certified: Yes, pork-free!

2. Urban Daybreak

Images via @urbandaybreak/ Instagram

Dreaming of being in Melbourne with a cuppa in hand? Well, you don’t need to go too far if you’re around Bangsar! (Their first branch is in Penang.)

Known for their scrumptious Aussie-style brunches and coffee, it’s guaranteed that you’ll love Urban Daybreak and you’ll definitely keep going back for more. 

#BeepRecommends ordering their:

Tip: It’s always packed during weekends so we recommend using QR Order & Pay at the comforts of your seat to beat the queue!

Have a peek at Urban Daybreak’s menu here:

3. Three Years Old

Images via @_threeyearsold/ Instagram

Nestled in the heart of KL, this cafe is the ultimate #OOTD, #aesthetic brunch spot any day of the week. It’s the perfect place to snap a few Instagram worthy pics for the feed and for a good feed. 

We recommend ordering their:

Tip: They’re crowded any day of the week. So, go cashless and pay through the Beep App to save time!

Have a peek at Three Years Old’s menu here:

4. Saba Restaurant

Images via Saba Restaurant/ Facebook

Try out Saba for one of the best and most authentic Middle Eastern Restaurants in Klang Valley. They’re accessible at three locations: Cyberjaya, Dataran Jelatek and Publika for your convenience. 

You have to try their:

Oh, so flavourful and affordable!

Have a peek at Saba Restaurant’s menu here:

5. Feeling Plus

Images via @feelingplus.kl/ Instagram

Whenever you want to lay back and enjoy a cup of coffee, we recommend Feeling Plus. They’re mostly about the brews here but if you’re feeling peckish, there’s a variety of toasties on offer from their classic Triple-Cheese Toasties to the Kimchi & Mushroom Toasties for the adventurous. 

If you love coffee and toasties, we recommend ordering their: 

Tip: If you’re in need of a mid day pick-me-up, order and pay for your coffee through the Beep App to save some time by going cashless.

Have a peek at Feeling Plus’s menu here:

6. Najia’s Pakistani Tawa & Grill

Images via Najia’s Pakistani Tawa & Grill/ Facebook

We absolutely love their biryanis! 

They have a wide variety of biryanis – from mutton to chicken and even peas for a vegetarian option. There’s something for everyone at Najia’s. 

What we love:

Have a peek at Najia’s Pakistani Tawa & Grill’s menu here:

Is Najia’s Pakistani Tawa & Grill Halal-Certified: Yes, they’re halal-certified!


Images via @pulpbyppp/ Instagram

Think: Industrial feels with wooden furniture and lots of natural light pouring in from the large windows and greenery peeking through. PULP is the perfect spot to spend your weekends.

We recommend:

Whether you’re seeking to try something new, treating yourself or pure relaxation, this list caters to all. We recommend you download the Beep App prior to your visit for an easier ordering process through contactless QR Order & Pay

And if you don’t feel like going out? Go contactless and order everything through the Beep App and have it delivered. 

Go Contactless, Just Beep!

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