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Bubble Bee’s Boba Is The Bee’s Knees For Foodies

Bubblebee by Shuib Sepahtu honey boba drink Malaysia 1

Bubblebee by Shuib Sepahtu honey boba drink Malaysia 1

Love your boba? Try Malaysia’s first honey boba drink!

Bubble Bee serves a wide selection of honey-based boba drinks that are absolutely delicious and perfect as a treat for your honey bee! *wink wink*

#DidYouKnow Bubble Bee was founded by Malaysian comedian, Shuib Sepahtu

Yep, tickling our funny bones wasn’t enough for famous funny man, Shuib Sepahtu.

He’s also decided to attack our sweet tooth with Malaysia’s first honey boba drink under the brand called Bubble Bee by Shuib!

We salute you, sir!

Bubble Bee’s backstory will have your inner entrepreneur on FIRE

In an article by theSundaily, Shuib says, “I used to have a coffee business, Kopi Shuib, but it was not successful. I had to throw away thousands of boxes of coffee, after [they expired],”.

“People then condemned me for not having a successful business.

“But my wife believed in me. Then, one by one, my businesses started to do well and people ‘opened up their eyes’ (started to believe).”

“Actually, success without having to go through failure is nothing. Success which comes after failure is most valuable. You have to learn from your mistakes.”

– Shuib

Wow, impressive much?

And after persevering through all that, he now owns businesses such as the Bee Factory, which sells honey products, and of course, Bubble Bee, his bubble tea franchise, which now has 12 outlets and counting!

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