About Beep


We tell stories about good food made by awesome people near you.

Beep is a platform for cafes and restaurants that run their own food delivery service.

We launched in just 2 days, in March 2020, to give neighbourhood cafes and restaurants a place where they could run their own online food delivery service at a much lower food delivery commission rate.

This way, local favourite eateries were able to survive, and even thrive, even during the various states of lockdown that were imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world early in the year.

And here’s the thing.

Everyone has a go-to food place.

Be it for desserts, a main course, or even a drink.

So we want to share everything we can about everything you need to know on your favourite food and restaurants.

Follow us on our food adventure. Let’s Beep it!


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